POLL: Favorite Non-Hawaiian Brand of Uke


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Jul 4, 2015
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Catskill Mountains, NY
We all like the "K Brands" of Hawaii, but what about all the other brands? This is going to be a tough poll because I can't list every brand of uke.

Post just one make, and I will eventually list the most popular ones in order. Just thinking about this, I realize that I have too many favorites.

Let's restrict this to volume producers, rather than individual luthiers.
just got a Brüko no. 6! for sure a fav. i won an Ohana concert with a solid spruce top at the aloha heritage festival's 'ukulele competition this year, which is nice! but--the uke i played my piece on was borrowed from a kind older kanaka gentleman, can't remember for the life of me what brand it was, but it was sooooo nice, and not a K !
My vote will go to Anuenue (specifically the bird series). They are well constructed, have many features, and a unique sound.
Godin and Cocobolo. And of course Ohana
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