POLL: Favorite Non-Hawaiian Brand of Uke

Let's keep it up and let @ploverwing set up a spreadsheet. Thank you @ploverwing!

Martin for me. I think it would be most worthy to extend it to price? Under $500, $501-$1000, $1001-$1500, $1500+, or something like that. (that would save me a lot of time lusting over stuff I can't yet justify at my talent level lol).

But setting up the poll sheet first would certainly keep the post count down and the rules more closely adhered to.
I’ve played, Rebel, Pono, Kala, and Ohana and own Blackbird, Magic fluke, and Anuenue.

my vote is Blackbird!
I have two non-Hawaiian production ukes: a Gretsch tenor that has a deep body and is thus suitable for low G, and a HanoHano small body concert scale uke for travel. Those are the amazing budget sleeper brands that I am aware off which come close to high end uke experience at fraction of the price.
For me it's a tie between my two Martin's and my Regal.
big K on the peghead but made in Texas...Kelali ... I've got some I like more, some I like less but... huge bang for the buck. One of the best buys out there.
I updated my headstock design when I had to accommodate a 5th tuner on a commission last month, and now have a smaller black K logo as well

new headstock.jpeg


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