[POLL] What size ukulele do you prefer?

What size ukulele do you prefer?

  • Smaller than Soprano

  • Soprano Ukulele

  • Concert Ukulele

  • Tenor Ukulele

  • Baritone Ukulele

  • Bass Ukulele

  • I'm just here for the snacks

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I've tried every size...Started on the soprano, had a concert...I'm now mostly a tenor player, but I'll occasionally bust out the baritone.

I haven't felt the need for a bass uke since I don't like the feel of it. That and I have a short scale bass that fits my needs. :)
I started with a soprano and ... it was bad.
I moved up to a concert and it was pretty good
I needed low-G for a workshop and got a tenor, and it was great.
Then I found a baritone and fell in love the low
Our group fell apart (musically) when our bass player was out, and that lead me to the real low
A year or two ago I turned back towards soprano and with a decent instrument I fell back in love.

Now I mostly swap between bass, baritone, and soprano, with tenor filling in if I want that tuning.
High-g soprano. Why? Its bright, unique voice has more in common with a banjo than with a tiny guitar. As another UU member recently mentioned, many years ago I tried acoustic guitar. Six strings demanded strict discipline. I tried, and stuck with, 5-string banjo for decades but unknowingly needed something different. A soprano uke is a happy, unique challenge. In addition to playing, I enjoyed assembling the inexpensive kit, custom-painting the exterior, adding all the necessary upgrades such as bison bone nut and saddle, heel-block strap button and player port, and experimenting with (thus far) two very different brands of FC strings.
I like concert, but specifically a 12 fret, high-g concert. It’s enough like a soprano it still feels like what I think of a uke to be, but just enough bigger for a little more fretboard space.

I like soprano as well, but if I could have only one it would be a concert.
I own a sopranissimo, several sopranos, and concerts, and down to one tenor. I started with a soprano pineapple which was my dad's, when I was a kid, and so a soprano just seems normal to me, and a favorite. Still love um all except baritones which are an abomination. 🤪
I have them all, but I mostly play my Concerts and Baritones. I also do play Bass Ukulele a lot, and I do prefer that to a full size Bass. But to me it is a Microscale Bass and not a Ukulele.
I don't have a bass . . . but I do the others. Started on soprano. Then fell in love with tenor. But now bari has my heart.
Concert, not as the result of any deep pondering on the subject but simply I have two concert ukuleles and no soprano or tenor ukuleles so I guess that is what I prefer. I tried real hard to like baritone ukulele but just couldn't.
I marked tenor, but I actually play bass uke more now. Played rhythm guitar for almost 50 years, then in mid 2013 I bought a uke that looked like my Fender Telecaster electric guitar just to hang them next to each other. A couple weeks later was invited to the Los Angeles Music Center summer play-along, which I had done before with guitar, but this time it was for ukulele. Hey, I have one, so I signed on, which required learning three chords. In practicing, I found it very difficult to make them. Discovered I had a soprano, so I went to Sam Ash and felt out a concert and tenor, yep, tenor (re-entrant, hi-G) is for me.

All the years I played guitar, I was often told I should play bass because I had good feel and timing, but I didn't want to be encumbered by a large electric bass guitar, forget a stand-up double bass. I joined a uke group and knew than and there that I would not touch my guitars anymore and gave them to my nephew. A year later the leader of the group asked if anyone would like to take up the bass to fill in our sound. I did a look online and discovered all the bass ukes and mini bass guitars and went for it.

I play bass uke twice a week on our Monday and Thursday Zoom sessions, and every other Wednesday in the back yard of a member. I play tenor uke (and harmonica) every Sunday, alternating between my group in the backyard, and with an acoustic group in a park.
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So far, I tend to play my concert scale ukes most often(low and high G). Then, tenor (low G), Tried a soprano and discovered it's not for me. I've never played a baritone. Recently played my daughter's Orangewood ukulele and I really liked the sound from that tenor. I guess I can't say a favorite scale or size. I tend to just look for unique voices from an instrument.
Reentrant soprano only. I have tried concerts and tenors, out of curiosity, but find I have no interest in playing those sizes. It's rather like asking a violinist what they think of violas and cellos. They are OK in their own right - if you like that kind of thing.
I bought a tenor and a concert. Didn't love the concert at all. Loved the tenor size. Had an opportunity to get a soprano and took it up and love the soprano for the reentrant. Then wanted another soprano for linear and right now I much prefer soprano for playability, but tenor generally for voice.
It’s fun reading everyone’s experiences, opinions, and reasons.

When I wanted to upgrade my from son’s toy uke (really), I looked online for videos and writings about which size to get. I remember reading somewhere that most professionals gravitate toward tenor. I have no idea I’d that’s true, but I’m sure that influenced my choice to get a tenor.

I did try concert once. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it. Sticking with the tenors for now. I’ve only been at it a few years, and most of those very casual. Wonder what the future will bring.
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