[POLL] What size ukulele do you prefer?

What size ukulele do you prefer?

  • Smaller than Soprano

  • Soprano Ukulele

  • Concert Ukulele

  • Tenor Ukulele

  • Baritone Ukulele

  • Bass Ukulele

  • I'm just here for the snacks

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…I did try concert once. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it. Sticking with the tenors for now. I’ve only been at it a few years, and most of those very casual. Wonder what the future will bring.
Probably more ukes. :)
I've tried soprano, concert, and tenor sizes. Prefer the soprano for its traditional uke sound. Concerts are ok; but sound is not as satisfying. Tenor deviated too much from the sound.
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Soprano for me, hands down. I’ve been through them all, I really wanted to love tenors because I’m not a strummer and I felt they’d be better suited to the music I thought I wanted to play, but I just kept getting drawn back to the reentrant soprano and now I rarely play anything else.
Don’t know what it is about those little guys 😍
Soprano for me. I do have a tenor in a very specific (cuatro) tuning but have no interest in them beyond that. Soprano was the sound which attracted me to the uke and it remains my favourite.
Started with tenors and concerts, but now soprano is the size for me. The size, the tone and playability just works for me. I think every uke player should try a good soprano at least once.
I started with soprano but found the fretboard cramped. I bought a tenor and did fine, but realized when I bought a concert so that I could have a low g and a high g that the concert size is just more comfortable to me and also I can do difficult chords more easily on it since the reach is not so far for my small hands, so concert is my “just right” preferred size. I also have a baritone but haven’t really bonded with it at all.

i also have found that I prefer the sound of high g over low g, and soprano or concert over tenor. Between soprano and concert I have not much preference in the sound department.
I've settled on tenor as being what I like. (especially Pono's) A higher end super tenor would probably be my dream uke. I have a KCM-00 that rarely gets played despite it being the most expensive uke I have. This thread has me now interested in soprano which is the only size I have not given a fair shot. I have a Fender Malibu soprano but it does not attract me at all.

Regarding uke bass, my mind has changed lately. A few years ago my son got me a Hadean bass with the black rubbery strings. The cheapest bass uke there was, with a plywood looking top. I found it fun to sit around and jam with people but saw it as mostly a novelty. I drooled over Kohan Mike's basses and figured I'd upgrade if I ever determined bass ukes were something more than novelty and you could even use one in recording.
In the past couple months, I've decided I really like that cheap bass with the fat rubber strings. I've had to adjust my playing technique a bit, but it sounds good enough that I use it in recordings now to get an upright bass sound.
I feel more comfortable with Baritone for now and enjoy the instruments voice. Keeping thinking I might actually buy a Tenor or Concert as I pick them up and pluck the strings when I see them in a shop. I have a toy soprano (First Act) in the box which I take out and strum now and then just to do it. Probably will garage sale it at some point, the Fremonts on it cost more than it did.
It really depends on my mood. I love the ethereal insectile sound of the small sizes. I also like to bring the firepower with a more bass-heavy instrument.
Added: Long necked Soprano Pineapple
Love the concert scale on a fresh sounding body.
I am somewhat new to ukuleles, so I am definitely exploring. I mostly practice tenor, and my best ukuleles are tenor. I am very attracted to the tone of the tenor with low G, and what little I know about chord/melody and arrangements, the low G makes more sense. However, the tenor just strikes me as large, and I am drawn to concert size. I just haven't found a concert that does it for me the way that my Pono and KoAloha tenors do. I haven't given the soprano much of a chance at all, but that will change in the coming months as Pops Okami is building me one.

It is very clear to me that it will take some time for me to gain more experience and develop a bit more technique before my preferences will settle down. Right now I am just a kid in a candy shop and lots of different things taste pretty good.
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I haven't given the soprano much of a chance at all, but that will change in the coming months as Pops Okami is building me one.
I'm becoming a solid fan of soprano. They are just so snuggly. And a lot of fun to play. I have a Pops WOW (I'd love one of the Harmony style if I could ever get one) on my radar for "one day". I'd love a Sacco too.
My daughter said she wanted a ukulele when her kids were little so I bought her a Lanikai concert 18 or so years ago.
I think of myself as a guitar player and since she never really took to it, I grabbed it back thinking I'd throw it in the back of the car for casual practice when a guitar would have been a burden or suffer from the heat here in AZ or the cold in Colorado.
That one led to a Fluke concert I got a good deal on and then a Makala Dolphin because what I really wanted was the smallest bulletproof instrument possible to carry with me and leave in the car. After tweaking the saddle and nut a little, I seem to play it the most.
The Lanikai hangs on the wall back at my Daughter's place again so it's there when I visit.
I prefer a hybrid Concert that·longer than a concert, shorter than a tenor. 16 or 16.5 are great
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