[POLL] What size ukulele do you prefer?

What size ukulele do you prefer?

  • Smaller than Soprano

  • Soprano Ukulele

  • Concert Ukulele

  • Tenor Ukulele

  • Baritone Ukulele

  • Bass Ukulele

  • I'm just here for the snacks

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Baritone. The most fret space, more volume, option of adding a capo to the 5th and still play standard uke, option of using GCEA strings and just playing a really big uke, it's probably the size least played so it stands out among uke enthusiasts, makes transitions between uke and guitar, or guitar and uke, smoother.
Same here. I'm wondering if I'd like a long neck soprano?
You might! I have a hard time deciding if concert or long neck soprano is my favorite. I answered concert in the poll, but it’s a very close call. I would take a high quality long neck over a mediocre concert.

I started with tenor, but now they are my least favorite. If I want a big Uke it’s baritone for me.
I've settled on tenor as being what I like. (especially Pono's) A higher end super tenor would probably be my dream uke. I have a KCM-00 that rarely gets played despite it being the most expensive uke I have. This thread has me now interested in soprano which is the only size I have not given a fair shot. I have a Fender Malibu soprano but it does not attract me at all.

Regarding uke bass, my mind has changed lately. A few years ago my son got me a Hadean bass with the black rubbery strings. The cheapest bass uke there was, with a plywood looking top. I found it fun to sit around and jam with people but saw it as mostly a novelty. I drooled over Kohan Mike's basses and figured I'd upgrade if I ever determined bass ukes were something more than novelty and you could even use one in recording.
In the past couple months, I've decided I really like that cheap bass with the fat rubber strings. I've had to adjust my playing technique a bit, but it sounds good enough that I use it in recordings now to get an upright bass sound.
PONO’s rock! 🤙
In 1961 my parents got me a soprano banjo uke for Christmas. In 2009 I got a tenor and that is really the only one I play even though I have several sizes here.
in answer to the question, I don’t know!

My most played ukuleles are two sopranos with concert necks, a concert with a tenor neck, a resonator with scale between soprano and concert, a tenor tuned down to Bb6, and a baritone.

There’s a more occasional A6 tuned soprano and low G concert, but I would seriously fight not be without any of those. Different styles of music. Though I do sometimes wonder if I’d be a better player if I settled for one size.
I only own two concerts and one soprano. I love the concerts yet find myself picking up the soprano more and more. I just love the traditional sound, high spirit and jangly tone. My next purchase would probably be another, yet higher quality, soprano. Looking into a long neck one but not sure if the longer neck effects the tone i have grown to love. Anybody?
I did a couple of polls a few years ago. The preferred size was always tenor, and the preferred makes were KoAloha and Kanile'a.

Looking at my list, I am amused to see that the number of ukes declines as the size declines. Tenors are #1, followed by concert, soprano, sopranino, and just one sopranissimo.

A semi-pro I know plays concerts only.
I started with a tenor, made my way around the other two sizes (no baritone yet), and ended up gravitating to the (medium and small body) tenor size, which is all I have examples of except for one token soprano.
Having small hands, I like the soprano best
I prefer to play my sopranos, but the Tenor sounds so nice and is much easier to play up the neck. I have a concert size body on my workbench, let's see how it turns out.
Being a guy with big hands I thought a Tenor would be the best choice when I started playing, now I find myself preferring a Concert and even playing a soprano (because of the sound).
still own and like the Tenor by Eastman btw.
Tenors by far.
I have the double jointed curse so the larger scales with higher string tension tire my hands out faster. Wider neck sopranos for me. I also do like my tenor with dgbe strings although a proper bari sounds better.
I play guitar and bass but I went straight to play the soprano because it was the right thing to do being the standard uke.
For strumming it was ok since my hands aren't that big. But then the fretboard started to become too small and the sound too bright (high-G) when I got hooked in dwelling and studying fingerstyle classical/early music.
I needed low-g tuning, more notes on the fretboard, fuller sound, warmer tone, the possibility to plug the uke into my amp... I found a 60% discount for a last piece clearance mahogany concert ukulele, included the set up from the store. I loved the sound and bought it immediatly. Now my favourite size is concert.
Concert (in re-entrant C), soprano (in re-entrant D), and baritone (in re-entrant G [dGBE] or linear C [GCEA with low G] or linear B-flat, or fifths [CGDA] ...)

Am I the only one here who plays every main size except tenor?
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