Pono PKT8E bridge issue


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Nov 24, 2023
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Hi there, my dad passed and we have a Pono 8E (has a hole in bottom for amp i think}. My little brother was messing with the tightening and loosening and the bridge came off. We have the pieces and it doesnt look too bad. We want to sell it but i need to get it fixed. We live in CA and my dad got it in Hawaii, any ideas?? As you can tell we dont play or know the Ukelele too well/
A good luthier can fix it for you...

You don't have a specific location listed, but if you give us the general area you live in I'm sure someone here on UU can direct you to a luthier in your area... or you might inquire at a local music store. They usually know someone!

Then, after you post a few more times and build up your messages total a bit you could sell it here on UU Marketplace... or maybe try the resale site Reverb if you don't want to wait.

It's a bit of an unusual model so I would not suggest Craig's list. Not that many of us 8 string fanciers out here, so this is going to take a person looking specifically for one. Depending on the choice of woods your dad chose, it looks like these sell used in the $400 range, more if it is Koa wood... and the presence of a pickup adds a bit to the value as well.

The quality of the repair might lower the value some. But it's only going to get you $100 or so if you try to sell it as-is, so it's worth paying someone to fix it I'd say.

It's funny how little kids just can't keep their hands off the tuners! Hide it away after you get it fixed.
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