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Mar 14, 2023
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Pops just finished building four WOW soprano ukuleles at the same time. One was for Ed who facilitated the other three - and I think we are all here on UU. I haven't seen the other NUD posts yet so maybe I am going first.

Early this year I shared somewhere in here that I was on the hunt for a single soprano to keep on hand because sometimes an 'ukulele enthusiast just needs that traditional-sized sound. And I went through a bunch of them. Being in Oklahoma as I am, the only way to try them all is to buy them until I find it. There are worse things in life. 🤙

I have a Pops custom tenor and it should have occured to me much earlier than it did to just go back to Pops. Because it turns out this was the right move. This is a brand new instrument built because I ordered it (not custom because I think all four are basically the same and I told Ed I want Pops to build it how Pops thinks it should be built).

It has that same clear and commanding voice that Pops/KoAloha enthusiasts are familiar with. It really sings. Set up perfectly right from Pops's hands and the thing with these, as has been discussed here, is that they are affordable (that is to say even less expensive than production models from the K Brands). Solid wood ukes handcrafted by a master builder who, as one of his myriad innovations, found that he could pair a classic, stiff soundboard (Engelmann spruce) with friggin' PINE from Lowe's on the back and sides.

It still has the classic three-layer Pops headstock and it has paua abalone all over the place - which is obviously not cheap or easy to work with. But that's how he builds them! He even bound it in ebony so this thing is far from some stripped-down, basics-only 'ukulele.

I'm really happy that I found the one I was looking for and that it came from the mind and the hands of Pops is a huge bonus as he built what remains my all-time favorite musical instrument in that tenor. Now, to find homes for these other sopranos. :LOL:

(it didn't take long for one of Big Lou's dog hairs to land on the headstock!)


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Congrats! I am also thrilled to see Pops back making ukuleles. Maybe it was because it was my first Pops ukulele, or maybe it was just my first quality soprano. When I got it I simply couldn't put it down, and I really hadn't expected that.
Thank you. That’s totally a thing - having trouble setting this one down to get any work done.
What is that bling in the soundhole supposed to be?
Keith talked about Abalone being hard to work with and he also noted that I had a Wow ordered. One of the pieces of Abalone broke off in the sound hole so I took that uke for myself and Pops asked me to send it back to be fixed. Here is a photo of my uke that was sent back to pops, but at least it shows you what the bling inside is.
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