Post one song that you think others should listen to, ukulele or not!

I know you said to post one , but here's the late Jesse Winchester - relatively recent and less so.

Click on "Watch On YouTube" for an amazing performance made soon after Jesse returned from living in Montreal while dodging the draft.
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Her lower register surprised me! I have no doubt she actually recorded that track but it looks like she was lip syncing in the video.
Yes, Daneliya’s lower register always surprises people. It’s quite possible she pre-recorded the vocals for the video. A great many performers do that these days. But I know she sounds like that live, because I watched her sing an abbreviated version of the same song when she competed on America’s Got Talent a couple of years ago. With any luck, she has a big future ahead of her.
That's actually a different song. Song titles are not copywrited, many songs can have the same title.
Yeah, I think you're right. And, it probable belongs in the "Sad Song" thread too.
Can you do the funky chicken? :D

Or if you prefer songs about fancy cars to those about selling your soul to the devil...

That's Tuba Skinny? What happened to Shaye Cohn on trumpet? Is that her on piano?
Yes she is playing the piano. This is actually one of the older videos and some of the band members might be different now. They are doing a show here in Ohio in September. I am super excited about it.
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