Post your New Year Uke Goal!! Happy New Year 2019!!


Feb 13, 2018
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Saratoga, CA
  1. Learn more songs and complete more books
  2. Go up the neck for chords more often
  3. Meet more uke players and play together
  4. Do not go over 20 ukes..
1. Gain confidence in playing & singing in front of people.
2. Learn more chord melodies & a little bit of finger picking.
1. Play everyday even if just for a few minutes
2. Learn to play finger style well
1. To play and sing at a nursing home at least once a month.
2. To be more conscious of varying the "dynamics" in my playing (louder vs. softer; faster vs. slower), instead of giving in to the natural tendency to be "full throttle" all the time.
3. To be thankful every day for the gift of music, and for having been blessed with at least a little bit of the ability to make it happen with this little four-stringed instrument.
4. See Kerneltime's Item #4.
Be better than I was last year.
Maybe, combine with my other instruments, (when I record).
But mainly, just enjoy myself! :)

Happy New Year.
No goals. Just enjoy playing when I want to.
My goal will be to learn more techniques to spice things up. Work more on intros and outros. Become better at picking and strumming combinations. I also want to work on my whole package, not just the ukulele playing, but my singing and my stage presence. Learn more about amps and my electronics. Most of all, I repeat, most of all, I want to avoid becoming obsessed with the insignificant. I want to keep myself from falling into a rabbit hole and spending an inordinate amount of time pursuing some insignificant aspect of the ukulele that has absolutely no impact or results in no benefit on what I'm doing. I did that a lot in 2018, and it is time I will never get back that I could have spent achieving the goals that I've set for 2019.
1. to keep playing daily
2. to keep just enjoying it and to never get to serious about it
3. to get better in singing - or sing anyway (with joy) :)
4. to get together with other people who play an instrument and play some together
5. to play/sing together at a bonfire at the beach with friends
6. to try/play a Martin S1
And of course, to be a good member of the UU Forum! :)
Glad to be a member of this community!
Happy new year to all of you!!
1. Focus and learn complete songs instead of the first half a bunch of them
2. Spend more time practicing and less time “window shopping”
3. Play with others
To get better, learn more techniques and songs, and to learn Spanish fingerstyle ukulele.
Nice resolutions from everyone! Here's mine:

1. Do more uke YT vids that I didn't get done last year!
2. Buy no more ukes... except the Martin "Konter" uke! Yikes!
3. Take an axe to one uke and record for YT while being reduced to smithereens! ;-) hehe Just joking... want to check if everyone is actually reading these posts. hehe

- Petey
I don't plan on being the Lizzie Borden of ukes! hehe Barry Maz in England burned a uke in a fire at one point.

Let's focus on good resolutions! hehe

- petey

Speaking of Lizzie, I actually have an Elizabeth Borden back a ways in my family tree. Not saying it is the same one, but I wouldn't make me angry if I were you . . .

Speaking of Lizzie, I actually have an Elizabeth Borden back a ways in my family tree. Not saying it is the same one, but I wouldn't make me angry if I were you . . .


Gives a new meaning to the "chopped liver" screen name. :)
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