Pre-53 Favilla vs 70's Giannini Baritones (photo comparison)

Thanks for posting. Interesting to note the visual difference in the nut width. They look like they both have a wider than normal body. And both, I bet, sound lovely.

Your picture made me do a double take - the Favilla seems to have a tapered body. I had to check it out, so I measured my Favilla to verify. It does taper! It's 3 inches wide at the point where the fret board joins the body but 3 1/2 inches wide at the bottom. Hmmm.

And I also see both have a dot on the 9th fret, not the 10th. Must have been a thing back in the day.

They look lovely!
The Giannini "body" is 3/4" longer and the lower bout is 1/2" wider than the Favilla- same upper bout and width dimensions -- same 19" scale- both have Brazilian rosewood fretboards and bridges. The Favilla is very lightly built from solid mahogany -- the Giannini is much more heavily built and I believe it is all, or partially, laminated mahogany. The Giannini has a much thicker, still glossy finish. The Favilla has a wider neck - profiles are similar. I think the 9th fret markers may be a product of 2 guitar makers expanding into ukes--
The Favilla is incredibly light in the body--so much so that it almost feels heavier in the headstock after playing the heavier, more solid feeling Giannini. The Favilla stays home-- the Giannini I would take to the beach--
Tonewise the Favilla wins for me-- Although both are big and bold, the Favilla has a clarity and resonance that easily distinguish it for me.
That said, I am drawn to the feel of the Giannini for balance, playability and durability.
I seem to like the Favilla in Bb tuning and the Giannini in G tuning--I think I'm gonna keep both!
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