Pre-Amp Success


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Sep 23, 2013
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Pensacola, Florida
I put a K & K Aloha Twin passive picku[ in my Baritone Ukulele some months ago. I plugged it into a acoustic amp. (Mugig, I know it’s cheap, it’s what I have). I got a very weak sound out of the amp. I tried it into some better quality amps at the local music store (Loudbox Mini) got slightly better results. I still was not happy with my output. Today the store had a used LR Baggs Para Acoustic DI for sale at $75. I bought it and even with my cheap amp I am now getting a full rich sound with all the volume I could want. I have learned my lesson. Use a pre-amp if you have a passive pickup, You will appreciate what it brings.
Yep, a lot of grew up as garage band rockers banishing Strats and Les Pauls. Those magnetic pickups had output a plenty and didn't need a preamp or batteries. But piezo crystals are feeble in comparison and need a preamp just to make down a long cable! I use a lot of rechargeable batteries (Eneloops) because of those darn things.
Well done Cliff. I had a friend who had a passive pick up and complained bitterly about the terrible sound. We used a pre amp between the uke and the amp and it sounded wonderful. You got a great price on a great piece of gear in the LR Baggs Para DI, well done, it will last you a long time.
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Thanks, Dave, It was a post from you some time ago that got me keeping my eye out for a Para DI at a good price. When I was checking out the store owner walked up and said “What ya getting, Cliff”. I showed him and he said it was a great piece of gear. He has had one forever and it is a rock solid performer. He plays the George Harrison role in a Beatles tribute band so he should know. I am very happy with my purchase.