Done! Previous & Next buttons at top of page on mobile

A suggestion that has been implemented and is available


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Jun 22, 2020
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Kaneohe, Oahu
Look, this is not the biggest feature we've added here, and I admit that I added it because it was bugging me not to have it 🤣

On desktop, there are Previous and Next buttons, the page number and all that good stuff at BOTH the top and bottom of the page, but on mobile, only on the bottom.

What? Mobile represents roughly half our visits, and I won't stand for second class citizenry, dagnabbit! Arrows only on the bottom was fine for 3 inch tall mobile screens, but that was then! lol

Anyway, a tweak here and there, and now we have it: previous, next, and page count at both the bottom AND top, on both desktop AND mobile!


Truly minor, and maybe nobody but me and @Ukecaster (who reminded me that I've been meaning to do this for ages) will dig it, but I hope the rest of you will find it somewhere "useful" and "whatever" such that we get to keep it around. 🤣

Although as always, any changes that the group doesn't dig will go back to before.

So mobile folks, take it for a spin, see what you think!

PS. For now, just in the default theme, called Underground. Coming to others!
In fact I’d been toying with the idea of asking about it but it seemed so trivial that I thought it might seem a bit ridiculous 🤣

No such thing! We've climbed a number of mountains on the development side and have a few left to climb, but we're also interested in taking care of the pebbles in shoes-sized problems: small but irritating, and eventually every bit as insurmountable as a mountain.

Some of those tiny problems can be trickier to solve, but sometimes not. This one took a few minutes to look up the solution, and a few minutes to implement. You never know until you look!

I'm glad you like it though! It seems so organic to have it there that I'm surprised it's not there by default! It'll go into other themes as soon as I can, including the new ones we're still working on.
I’ve been trying to remember to put this specific request in. Never happened.

Thank you!!!
Likewise from me!

Me too, honestly! It kept bugging me, and I kept forgetting about it, when @Ukecaster pinged me with the request, noting that it wasn't the biggest deal, but it'd be nice...both of which are exactly true. Not the biggest deal, and you know what? It's really nice!

He mentioned it right after I'd been visiting the site for devs on our forum platform, XenForo, and THEIR site has these buttons on mobile, and I thought, "Hey, we should do that!"...then didn't. :ROFLMAO:

This is why I'm encouraging folks to think big with their requests AND to think small! We can't do everything, but I'm occasionally pleasantly surprised to find problems like this one that are soooo easy to solve, and a real pleasure to be able to provide.
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