Price Drop Price drop Amazing Barron River Blackwood Soprano

Tacoma, WA


Apr 4, 2020
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Tacoma, WA
And now, the hardest sale, by far. I also will not be devastated if this does not sell, and that is why I am pricing it as it is--only about 10 percent off the price I paid for.

Behold, an amazing Barron River curly grade Blackwood Soprano. The block fret markers are made from recycled Giant Sequoia. The neck is sapele. I can’t tell you how amazing this uke sounds--I previously described this as what a Kamaka would sound like if it was on steroids and perfect (no disrespect to Kamaka--I love mine).

Why am I selling this? The primary reason--I don’t love the neck!! These are 1 and a half inches (it might be in cm, so sorry if this is not 100 percent accurate), and I so much prefer necks a bit slimmer and 1 3/8. That might not sound like any difference, but it does notice a difference when I am playing this a lot. A friend of mine observed the same thing, so this is not just me.

If you are interested in this, I would love to play it for you via zoom. You will just be blown away. Also, while this is NOT his master grade Blackwood (an upgrade to curly only), I think it is at least as nice as some of his master grade wood. It might not be as curly as some of them, but the red and orange hues in this wood are amazing. It is some of the most lovely wood I have seen. If I do sell most of my ukes that I have listed or soon will list, I might get another similar uke from Barron River but with my perfect neck. This has Gotoh planetary tuners. The block fret markers are an upgrade as well. I think the rossetti on this one is just out of this world. It also has the clear mylar pickguards for protecting the amazing wood. This is in perfect , as sew condition. Check out this picture from facebook.

The price is $1750, with a hard case and shipped within the COUS. For a variety of reasons, I do not accept paypal anymore, and so would need a personal check or a bank check, or zelle. If this makes you edgy, I would gladly give you my professional websites and such--I am a pretty public dude (college professor, author of many books, have a coaching practice), so I am not going to mess with you for this amount of money. You will have my fall identity before you consider buying this! I also have had many positive transitions here that you can search for. My guess is a couple of people I have traded with and sold here will soon respond to this thread in one way or another, lol. No sound samples, but glad to show you and play over Zoom!

PM me and we can discuss this.


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Oh man, your heart must be breaking, Rich!
Actually Patty, no. In another post I wrote about my changed attitude about having a lot of ukes. If I could not play anymore my heart would be broken, but at the end of the day, this is just an object. A really pretty object that sound great, but just an object. Someone is going to just love love love this uke to death--I honestly can't imagine one that is prettier or sounds better.
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I'm one who has sold my ukuleles that had necks wider than 1 3/8". Some great ones got away, but the neck just didn't work for me. So I understand why this one is being sold.

I'll vouch for BR ukuleles. I got one in May with Australian Blackwood back and sides and a spruce top, and requested that mine have 1 3/8" neck. Very comfortable to play, it's a beauty, and the sound and intonation are great.

I assume that Rich's also has the compound radius fret board: 12” at nut to 16” extended all the way to the bridge. I really like that, too.
That might be something that a possible buyer would like to know?

GLWTS.! The Barron River instruments are always the most attractive, classy and tasteful instruments. Any clips I have heard also sound amazing. Good luck with the sale!! The Barron River instruments are always the most attractive, classy and tasteful instruments. Any clips I have heard also sound amazing. Good luck with the sale!
Yes, it is totally amazing, and totally willing to play it for anyone interested.
I was just playing my concert sized Barron River and thought of this listing. I know the price might keep a lot of people from considering a Barron River, but for those who can, I've got to say that BRs are really wonderful ukuleles. Maybe not well known enough for people to jump on this chance to own one? Could that be it?

Beautifully built, sound is great, and for me, a very comfortable ukulele to play, (though my concert is 35mm nut width.)
As another BR owner (mine’s a concert) I can echo everything @Joyful Uke says. There’s nothing like a Barron River. And you I’ll never see one like this again for this price because these just don’t show up that often in the secondary market, and when they do the asking price is much higher.
As someone who has commissioned 3 custom builds from Barron River (Allen McFarlan), I can attest that you would not be disappointed if you purchased this instrument.
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