Sold Price Reduced: Tenor Fluke, Koa Top, and Pegheds



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May 3, 2018
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Somewhere just outside of Philly
FS: 2009/10 New Hartford Made Tenor Fluke, Koa Top, Pegheads, and MFC Hard Case.

$385 Now $335 shipped CONUSA, Paypal Goods and Services.

Photos Here:

Picked this up on a whim a couple months ago just because it was priced decently and I always wanted to try one of the solid top MFC instruments. It plays and sounds great (the solid top makes a very noticable difference), but I didn't need another koa tenor so I've decided not to hang onto it.

This is in very good condition, especially for it'a age. Has a couple very very minor dents/scuffs and a bit of what I would consider normal bellying in front of the bridge, but seems to have been VERY well cared for. Also comes with case designed for the Fluke that you can't get anymore. Case has a few scuffs and some marks from where it looks like stickers used to be but is in overall good conidtion and totally solid.

I emailed Dale at MFC after I got it and he confirmed the following:
  • Made on 2009 or 2010 in New Hartford
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Peghed tuners
  • Solid koa top
  • Walnut neck (it's fairly light colored piece of walnut, but it is walnut)
  • Dots are either pearloid or MOP. They changed from MOP to pearloid about that time so Dale wasn't sure

I recently strung it up with Martin M620s. As is the case with all MFC instruments it is setup beautifully. Action is a nice low 2mm to 2.25mm at the 12th.

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Love my fleas! Need another uke like a I need an extra hole in my head, otherwise I’d be all over this one. The neck is comfy too! Good luck with the sale!
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That is a CRAZY good deal on a great instrument

Good thing it is not a flea!
I got 4 magic flukes. 1 concert solid koa top fluke with wooden fretboard and upgraded tuners, 1 solid spruce top with same appointments, solid spruce top mandolin same appointments and a soprano firefly banjolele.
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