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Jun 13, 2018
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Sparta, Wisconsin, USA
Is there no way to have a private conversation with another member? I have tried to have one with sellers in the marketplace and with members on topics, and the next thing I know it shows up in a side window with many other topics and posters.
Kenn, when you hover your cursor over the member with whom you want to converse w/ privately,
make sure you click on the option that says "start conversation".
this will ensure your messages remain private.

the other way to do it is to just go straight to your inbox
and click on 'start conversation', then simply nominate
the member(s) w/ whom you want to communicate in the recipients box.

there was a thread a bout this issue a few weeks back. it was bugging me bigtime too;
i even saw someone's home address appear in that side window! and it stayed
there for days; i would have been horrified had it been me.
^mountain goat is totally correct, please only use "start conversation" to send messages privately to members. Otherwise, profile posts are publicly viewable, so definitely do not post sensitive information using that method. In the event that you do, delete the post or contact me to delete it.

As of last week the side window showing "New Profile Posts" has been removed from the main page of the Ukulele Underground Forum. It's still available using the navigation tabs at the top, but at least it's no longer a constant feed on the home page.

Thanks for all the input everyone! Please continue to let us know if you have any concerns or suggestions.
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