Prom Proposal.


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Jul 13, 2009
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Just felt like sharing. =D
You, sir, are a brave, brave young man and I tip my hat to you. Well done!

That was awesome! Heck, even I was smiling big time when you said the line about not being able to "write a song as beautiful as you." I'll bet all the girls in the room were wishing you were singing to them!

Rock on my man!
Thanks. It was pretty hard. I was shaking in the other room where I came from. I just had to go through with it. I was surprised everyone was actually listening and she was smiling throughout the whole song.

Btw, its "How to Make a Love Song - Parokya Ni Edgar" just changed up some lyrics...
Thank you for starting my day off with a smile! That takes some serious courage! Great job.. and have a fun time at the prom!
Way to go!
Hey Pinoy! WOW!!!! that was a moment of pure magic, and captured beautifully. Way to go mate.

Like Ronnie said, those others girls would have been jealous as heck.

Bless you man, hope you have an awesome night! And thanks for the post. :)
It is fantastic that you had the courage to do this. I am sure you made her day. Excellent job!
Brilliant! :)

Little Bro' D
That was awesome!!!! Let us know how the prom turns out. Ah, the power of the uke!
Ang kewt naman! Congratz and have a great time!
Great stuff and a happy ending!!!

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