Song Help Request Proper tempo for “It’s Only A Paper Moon”?

I’m also a Joe Pass fan. One of my most cherished CD’s is his Christmas album.
In the sixties I went into Sam The Record Man's store in Toronto and in the little Folk & Jazz room upstairs a wonderful sound was coming out of the speakers. I asked the clerk and he showed me an LP called Sounds Of Synanon with a guy playing a Fender Jaguar (or maybe a Jazzmaster, I always get those confused) but the tone was like a hollow bodied guitar like Jim Hall would play. It was Joe Pass and I bought the record and became a fan.
I later bought the Gerald Wilson Big Band LP and Pass was the guitarist, still playing the Fender guitar.
When I bought my third Joe Pass LP, the photo showed him with a hollow bodied ES-175. I'm still a fan and listen to those records regularly.
We do it at about the Ella Fitzgerald tempo & it sounds great.

Just go with what you are comfy with. ;)
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