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Mar 16, 2021
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Buffalo, NY
Hello, Up for sale today is my beloved prototype Supa Wow, built by Pops.

Here is a link to several photos and sound samples:

Why am I selling this ukulele? It is the most expensive ukulele I own, and I am interested in purchasing a Flight pathfinder. I already have another Soprano. So this is how I get the money for the pathfinder.

So asking $350 for the uke and $50 for shipping for a total of $400. I’m trying not to get hosed on shipping. Will ship in a soft case and pay FedEx to pack it in appropriate boxes. CONUS only, sorry.

Feel free to PM. Beautiful uke.

I can add an ownership pic when I get home. That’s me in all the videos tho.

Thanks all!
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If you are thinking about this, pm right now!!

If someone wants to get their hands on a ukulele personally built by famous luthier and founder of KoAloha Pops Okami, grab this fast before it’s gone!!

The seller did not include the link to his new uke day NUD thread on this uke this, but it has great info so I am putting the link here.
Thread 'NUD: Prototype Supa Wow'

It is beautiful and sounds great. I would be greatly tempted if I did not already own a prototype of a different model of Pops Wow. My Pops Wow prototype is by far my favorite ukulele of many. I wasn’t sure about the look when I bought it, but it was love a first strum ❤️

Edit: Actually, I am sorely tempted even though I already own a prototype of a different version of the Pops Wow. In the interest of fair play and not hogging all the Pops prototypes that are posted for sale in the UU Marketplace, you all have 24 hours from the time of the initial post before I pm the seller about it 😉
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Are you sure you want to sell it?!
If I could magically snap my fingers and sell a couple of ukes I've been meaning to sell but haven't gotten around to selling, I'd jump on this. But I can't move that fast and if I pull the trigger in advance this one would arrive just in time to be rested on top of my casket as I was lowered into the ground.
@don_b I like how you wore your rain slick when playing Here Comes the Rain Again 🤣
That one was recorded for a contest that was being run here by member @mountain goat in this thread:

There are a lot of great member videos in that thread, I fond memories in particular of the spider video @Patty submitted.

Edit: please allow me to derail my thread for just a moment and issue one more thanks to mountain goat for holding such a generously-prized contest.
LAST CHANCE!! If you are a beginning uke player looking to buy a high quality solid wood soprano, you could own this one handmade by a legend. The looks are a bit nontraditional, but if you like your sopranos bright with great volume and sustain, you will love it.
I couldn’t be more happy that this went to a fellow board member. Thanks all!
Me too. I was all set to pm you at 11:33 (24 hours after you posted) with an offer. I would have loved it, but my husband would have thought I lost my mind when the 3rd new (to me) ukulele arrived at the house in one month:)
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