Proxxon FET mini Table Saw problem

I'd be very interested to see what equipment was used to check this :D

Just a cheap digital caliper and a little less cheap straight edge ruler. All them numbers come from the math, done in a spreadsheet with formulas so I don't have to do the math. So yeah, probably not as accurate as all that, but on the other hand, it could be even more accurate, I wouldn't know. :rolleyes: But I will say I've been through the five cut process three times now, and that's the closest I've ever gotten, and I can cut stuff that's plenty square enough for what I'm doing with my sled.

I did a test on a piece of Maple ..I used my old soprano fret slot indexer that I made about 6 years ago, and its still churning out good fretboards...(I always put a piece of scrap wood on top of the fretboard blank when cutting to hold it down flat to the table and protect fingers)
The result was very good, and a big improvement on my old Black and Decker set up, and it was much smoother and quieter to operate..All I have to do now is make another similar indexing jig in Concert fit the same sled.
Indexing pin

Old Soprano Indexer

Ready for slotting

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Im seriously considering this setup.
I really want to start cutting fret slots by machine.
Unfortunately, I can't see your pics Ken, so I can't see the adjustments you have made :(

Any further advice would be really helpful
Hi Kev..I hope these pics help...Photobucket want me to pay them a load of cash for 3rd party hosting and I dont want to pay so I now use Flickr.

The main problem I had to sort was the the blade size..proxxon blades are only 58 mm dia X .5mm wide so I found another blade at 3" X 023" and glued it to the Proxxon blade I did this cos the 1/2" hole in the new blade was bigger than the 8mm Proxxon arbour...the arbour washer was large enough to hold it all in place....I suppose you could get away with two blades side by side at 1mm.

Another problem I had, and was hard to track down was microscopic bits of metal getting under the sled and scoring the tabe....They were coming off the aluminium angle indexing beam caused by the steel indexing pin as it located in the holes...I cured this by adding a 4mm Polycarb strip over the holes and re-drilling.
PICT0070 by Ken Timms, on Flickr
PICT0060 by Ken Timms, on Flickr
PICT0062 by Ken Timms, on Flickr
PICT0064 by Ken Timms, on Flickr
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