Put Your City on the UU Map!

google earth

Yeah, it took me about 30 minutes to figure it out, but I'm there!
close the map and restart it. Did you hit "done" when you finished?:wallbash:

Now I need to get a picture on for an avatar... so Seeso can fix me... LOL
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uke tour

zach perry

atlantic city or preforably a suburd around atlantic city like ocean city would be perfect

this is a great idea. anymore n.c. uker's hiding on here?
Awesome idea, wheres all the New Hampshire people at though? For shame.
There aren't enough of us in Canada!
Time to start spreadin' the joy, guys.
I finally figured out why my icon seemingly kept disappearing. There are so many icons on the map, they're divided among three pages -- if you scroll to the bottom of the list you find the buttons to take you between the three pages. But the problem is, it only shows icons on the map for the names on the current page. New names get added to the last page, but then when you re-open the site it brings up the first page, so it looks like your newly added icon is gone. This also means if you're looking for people in a given area it's not enough to just zoom in; that'll only show the people in that area on that particular page. You have to repeat for all the other pages.

The map's a good idea, I think, but this user interface doesn't work very well for our purpose.

A feature I have liked on other forums is that you can get lists of members who have identified themselves as being in a particular country, state/province, or city. But I'm pretty sure that isn't possible in vBulletin.

So perhaps the best option available to us for finding out who describes themselves as being in a given area is regional groups. The groups feature of vBulletin seems underused, maybe because it's hidden away in a drop down menu. It'd be nice if groups were a little more visible.
Done! First in Vermont!
Okay, this took all afternoon and now I can't get back in to check it, but I think we're on the map out here all by ourselves in no-ukes-land. To quote the note we got back with our T-shirts "...representing in Bel Air,MD! Oh, so fresh.":) Ron and Jeanne
First one in my country and third in S America :p
I'm the first one in Phoenix?

Nope, if you look on page 2 there's Phanzo from Phoenix. That's one drawback to this map, you can only see one page of markers at a time. Currently there are 3 pages. (Scroll to the bottom on the left to find links to other pages.)
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