Putting together all the seasons of the Ukulele

I want to give a shout-out to ukuloonie. In addition to being our first Volunteer Coordinator for the Seasons calendar, he very kindly kept this thread of Seasons themes and winners (all with links). It was a project many of us appreciated, but few of us commented on. I thought for a while that it helped to have just the descriptive posts to scroll through when you're looking for something in the past, but I think it's tough to keep doing a task useful to many when you get no feedback.

I want to see Drew participating again with videos for the Seasons (anyone remember his fantastic "Rowena" for the Name Game week?). If you miss him, too, send him a PM.
yes, big thanks to ukuloonie, i just used this fab thread to find a winning vid from a number of seasons ago so i could re-visit it
Thanks I'm glad that this resource worked out.
I still lurk around, this year has been a bit of a tough year.

and yep I see I have a few more updates maybe 40
oh dear better get on it.