Putting together all the seasons of the Ukulele

week 114 "We're in the MONEY!"
Hosted by GinnyT11

We're in the Money
Bonus Material

eugene ukulele - I'm Saving Up All My Dimes for You - A 21st-century original song that sounds like a Depression-era song. It brought out Jon's best singing and picking. A very fine performance.

TCK - Money - My favorite of the week. It's got the accelerator to the floor and it gets me dancing every time I play it.

bird's eye view of my uke - Free Money - This super rocking performance is a notch higher than Lynda's customary thrill rides. She had so much emotion in it that it was several days before she could think of doing a bonus song.

lelouden - I Wanna Be a Billionaire - This was hilarious. Linda let herself go crazy in a totally different style. I laughed a lot at the lyrics she wrote. Note to Seasonistas: let loose sometimes.

Ralf - Loving Pauper - Ralf often does soft, sweet songs on his soprano. This to me is his highest examplar of the technique he's so good at. I will watch this when I need to remind myself to slow down.

Raygf - Putting on the Ritz - A beautiful performance of a 1929 song. Incredible diction and subtle changes of dynamic made this a stylistic wonder.

librainian - Blue Money - Andrew has a style I really like with that tenor (and he can sing in French, too). This one amused me because there was so much vocalization that was not lyrics.

krabbers - Too Many Horses - I loved this. Yes, loved this. Mike makes a car seem like it's a big venue with a crowd out front. Not only did he give us fun energy in his song, but he taught us how to do it ourselves.

Ukeydave - Price Tag - I got a few versions of this title, but this was my favorite performance. It was spare and elegant, and Dave's steadiness with the tempo was very engaging for me.

bonesigh - And the Money Rolling In - I think this is Janet's best performance. Both the playing and singing were ratcheted up for her musical canon, and that should be noticed.
season 115 (yeah baby) results
Hosted by: bird's eye view of my ukelele

"ah, babies, here we go...

1. winner - chris deston with "beating hearts" - i hadn't heard this song before, but chris's version has been going round my head all week since it was posted early on in the season. i checked out the original but i hope it's ok if i say i like chris's version better!

2. random piece of paper with the number of your vid on, drawn out of a bucket (no really) - "don't give up on us baby" by janet and wendy. girls, decide amongst yourselves who i send the cd to, and let me know!

3. extra prize for sheer fabulousness - "one more time" by the silly dave. this started the ball rolling on the britney phenomenon, it showed what a good conditioner can do for a man's hair, and it had mrs silly dave on face percussion. i loved every moment of it!

these winners, please PM me your address to send your cd's to

additional special mentions...

everyone was fabulous this week. that is just a scientific fact, i measured everyone's vids on my special fabulous-o-meter machine, and babies, you all sent the needle right off the scale. but there were nonetheless some other vids in addition to the winners above, that were, for me, particularly memorable, i'd like to give a shout out to them, they were...

* "hear my heartbeat" by ginny - this was really rockin', i loved it!

* "teenage heaven" by john sargent - wonderful in itself, and also so great to have the u-bass as star instrument on a vid

* "push it" by krabbers. i do not have words for how great this was! great and hilarious at the same! i loved it!

for anyone who hasn't hosted, i have to say, having people bring wonderful wonderful songs to your season party is a week-long delight. but come the end of the week when you have to decide on winners, it is very very hard, because everyone is so great and all the vids are so good. i want to thank everyone who came to my season party this week, i loved every video, thank you all for making this week a delight to host

everyone who posted a video this season is a winner in the "make lynda's week fabulous" contest

yeah baby"
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Season 116 "The Old Song Salesman"
Hosted by Hippie Dribble

Unable to determine results from thread. Assistance is appreciated.
Season 117 " To Infinity And Beyond"
Hosted by Max2173

So, here's the moment you've all (well, maybe some of you have) been waiting for!

First of all a few shout outs to some special entries this week:

Ukey Dave - Blue Moon : For having the cheek to do not one, but two versions of this song this week!

TheGreenHat - U-Uranus: What an intro to the Seasons, a fantastic first entry which I just had to give some props to!

Markwo - Star of the Evening: I absolutely loved this bonus track, if you haven't watched it, do! It's so sweet.

John Sargent - Space Worms: He got the folk over at Future Folk commenting on his video which is great work!

Barbablanca - Take Me With You Doctor Who
wetigers - Doctor Who Theme: BBC America using videos from the Seasons, how cool is that?! I'm claiming this Season as the most famous one yet!

Now down to business.

Bill and Ted's Most Excellent award - For the song I consider most excellent musically, goes to:

wetigers - Doctor Who Theme: How could I not? Superbly produced, spot on musically and grabbing the attention of the world's media! Simply amazing!

Doc Brown's Great Scot! award - For the video/song with the best creativity shown, goes to:

Chris Deston - The Eve of War: Brilliant use of lighting and a really eerie opening which I just loved!

May the Force be With You award - For the video chosen randomly by the Force (out of a hat), goes to:

wee_ginga_yin - Quark, Strangeness and Charm: It was up there on the creativity list anyway, so I love that this was picked out randomly.
Season 118 "Puppets And Parodies"
Hosted by bonesigh

First prizes goes to a puppy yeah, TheOnlyUkeThatMatters
Second prize to BanjoRex for a croaking little actor
You’ll have to wait for 3rd prize for it’s drawn from a hat
I found all these decisions really hard to arrive at

There were 10 top videos, it was nice and even
Bev ‘n UkeyDave, and that silly Clover Kid
BucMcMaster, Rustyy and a little Wojchick
Max with Black n’ White was really, really great
Max Black n’ White was really, really great
Season 119 "Crazy Words Crazy Tune"
Hosted by Lelouden

First off let me say thank you to all that participated in my kooky season. I had a great time listening to every clever thing you did. There are so many of you that I didn’t mention but that doesn’t diminish your awesomeness. Judging you was the hard part of this process. I had to stop myself from making a comment about how great you all are and narrow it down to how I came up with 6 top contenders mostly from the laugh-o-meter.

Over all Awesomeness
Librainian- The Man Song. Such a funny song. Your playing and singing is always impressive.

DaveWave- Smuggling. Wow! Everything from the matching outfit to the song and playing. Fantastic!

Mattydee- JaDa. Loved the way you delivered this song with the mouth trumpet sounds. Really top notch performance.

Overall Funniness Factor
wee_ginga_yin- My father is a Dustman. This just came off perfect with the faster speed. Very funny!

RAB11 – Soup Her Callie (Bonus) OMG I laugh every time I watch this. This reminds me of a late night goof off session when nobodies watching. Something I would do

Frisbee Fred- Oreo Cookie Blues. Very funny song and delivery. I love watching people's funny side and I don’t think you can fake that.

OldePhart- Blue Eyes Cryin In My Wind. This song is a scream. You have a winner hit here. This one cracks me up every time I listen to it too.

Bonesigh- Good Ol Jack Again. You really went the extra mile with all the instruments and some very funny lyrics. This was done so well but adding in the funny characters with the nose flute made me really laugh out loud. Such a great job on this!

theonlyukethatmatters- Sexy and I know it. You had me at buuurp! What a way to start a song about being sexy. I loved it...wish you wouldn't have edited that out

Made it to both lists with Awesomeness
Pabrizzer- Bill the Cat, The Budgie Song, He Wags His Butt (with Cha) & Breezin Along With The Breeze. Bill the cat with that meow and then the budgie song that got Bill where he is. What a funny couple of songs. I love all the songs you do with Cha, and then the Johnny Marvin tune that was so perfectly done with the great sound effects that helped tell a story. All of them perfectly done!

myrnaukulele- He broke My Heart In Three Places, and Thinking Of You Thinking Of Me. You really have such a lovely voice and your playing is great. Two songs that were just perfect for you.

Spirit of the Season with great use of musical novelty instruments
bonesigh- Ukulele Linda & Good o'l Jack Again. You really went the extra mile to deliver exactly what I wanted. I loved both songs and all the instruments you used. You really have a talent for parodies and humorous lyrics. Laugh factor on the meter was way way up there.

myrnaukulele- He Broke My Heart In Three Places & Thinking Of You Thinking Of Me. You also went the extra mile to deliver just what I wanted. I loved all the fun instruments you used. You have a charm about you that is tops. Then you learned a Johnny Marvin song for me. I find his songs really fun and I loved how you just breezed through the chording of the song so effortlessly. Fantastic, both songs!

I chose 6 people out of all the categories to roll the dice for a winner. These people are all deserving of the prize but it would be useless if I chopped it into 6 pieces. This was really hard for me. How can you possibly choose a winner from a list of such fun stuff. Thanks to everyone that joined in on this goofy week. I really wanted everyone to have a fun time and loosen up and I think lots of people seemed to become much more relatable and charming. That was the best part of the season for me. Thank you all!

Librainian (Andrew)- Winner of the Cigar Box Uke
All the people drawn out of the hat can go online to Zazzle.com and pick something uke related. Let me know through PM your address. If it is a T-shirt I will need specifics to order. (sizes/color etc.)
birds eye view of my uke
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Season 120 "Time for some Classical Music"
Hosted by Tootler

Unable to determine results from thread.
Season 121 "Ouch"
Hosted by Pabrizzer

OK Here's the wrap up for 121.

Firstly thank you for all the terrific videos and for doing some thing for this season.
I enjoyed them all.

I do have a short list of songs I really enjoyed

Bang Bang Laurie and Shea
Doug F I Get a Kick
Stickin in my Eye Markwo
It Hurts Me Too Sam & Mark
Rape me PW
Morphine for the Pain Berni
Hurt the one you love / I shot the sheriff WGY
Rusty TB is Whipping Me
SillyDave It Won’t Hurt
DaveWave Memory pain
Matty Dee Everybody Hurts
Logophile It only hurts when I cry
Portly Knight Hurt
Myrna Stompin at the Savoy

Myrna your late entry was very hard to go past for my favourite for this week.

But my favourite this week is

Liz S aka cua94 with You Dun Stomped on My Heart
Who can resist a line like "You just sorta stomped on my aorta"?
And watching you participate in each season and becoming more at ease in front of the camera has been fun.
Song choice was great (and fun).
And playing and singing was just fine too.
Really enjoyed it.
Season 122 "Tribute"
Hosted by TCK

Man- what a challenge it has been to judge this week! If I had to judge on musicianship alone, well, everyone would win. You all turned in some of the best material I have seen from a season.
If I had to judge on my favorite songs...again, lots of winners.
Instead I judged the way I play...I really looked at why long and hard, and there were so many great "why's?"- go figure.
In any event- everyone wins this week. There were some awesome stand-outs and I could shout you all out all day, but you lot are subjected to my ambling enough.
I wish we just played and congratulated each-other for playing, but the contest aspect offers and incentive to do so with such fervor I suppose. Here are the ones that I reckon grabbed the brass ring this time around, in no particular order.
Linda Louden- no joke a great player and singer, and I often look forward to your videos anyway, but when they are prefaced with such heartfelt tributes in writing, all right, you got me. I really enjoyed both reading your posts and listening to what you brought us. I was glad you were able to do quite a few for us.
Sean Ukuleledaddy- No secret Sean and I are friends...and our banter lead to him posting that he was going to 15 videos in one day. Well, we know how much I like the thought of that, and man did I smile with you on every one, even if we did not reach that lofty goal! Also, I really enjoyed reading the positive vibe coming from OR on each and every one of those posts, the delightful addition of the kids, and well, nope- I never got sick of you. Thanks for really embracing what I was after here.
The first two really wound me up with what they had to say (as did many of you- Wendy...the tribute to FiL? Incredible). The last one- he just wound me up, as he is a man of few words.
Guy can probably hammer out thirty songs in a day and none of them are anything but exceptional. He also finds time to watch every video, and played a long list of amazing tributes for us this week. Thanks for all of those Pabrizzer.
Like I said- everyone wins this week, and every week. If I sent you all stuff I would be broke, so I offer my respect to you all.
Folks in blue above- hit me PM with your addresses and I offer you fun Ukulele Swag from the mind of Captain Lovehandles (and respect)
Thanks everyone for grabbing your ukes and playing along.
Cheers- The Cloverdale Kid.
Season 123 "The Berni Show"
Hosted by decaturcomp

Okay Dear Ones,

I can't think of a better way to wrap up two weeks of tributes than with the Skidoo, Tigers, Shaggy combo celebrating our dear Ginny Turner. So well done everyone!

Please check to make sure that your songs are included in the Playlist today. And PM me especially if the video in question was your single entry for this season. I don't want anyone to be left out of the Sharpiestab (tm) so please double check.

I loved EVERY SINGLE ENTRY this season and will put every Seasonista who submitted an entry into the Sharpiestab(TM) grid one time. There will be two stabs and the winners will send me their email address so I can send them a link for a download of Berni's New Record with his Saturday Blues Project band, "The First Sip". If you want to purchase a copy for yourself or hear some of the tunes you can follow this link to do so.

Special thanks go out to TCK who started this lovefest with the idea to make tribute videos for our favorite Seasonistas. I'd like to dedicate this Season to him as the Host who brought out the best of in each of us. I love you Son.