Putting together all the seasons of the Ukulele

Is there just a straight list somewhere that shows all the Seasons to date and their themes?

Think there's one on the first page of the sign-up thread Steve
Really? I don't see a need, after all, The Seasons Challenge is really just for fun, isn't it? :music:

Why would we need a list of 'winners', most are selected on a whim anyway. :cool:

P.S. Plus I never had any 'winners' on my Seasons. :cheers:
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Why? why not?

I think we gotta do something differently.. or bring something back. Yes, it's for fun. I don't think anyone seriously goes into it thinking "I hope I win!"

But the more the merrier, right?

The number of people who are actively participating is about half what it was a few years back. Some of this is part of the natural lifecycle of any internet community. But after 7 years, and myabe I'm only noticing this because I hosted, I'd like to see a week with 70, 80, 100 enties.

The Seasons need some promoting!
I used to get around 100, sometimes more, quite regularly when I hosted a few, lowest was around 70 entries, I used to theme it for the regulars to enjoy themselves, just playing.

I think what is happening is the themes are narrowing somewhat, specific artists songs don't necessarily mean lots of entries.

The question has been raised a couple of times since I joined, whether the Seasons should change, or not, & usually the answer is that they are fine as they are.

Maybe it is time to change the format....best discuss it in the main discussion thread.
I think that 36 videos on a playlist is pretty much on the low side.
But I don't necessarily think that 100+ is optimal either.
Somewhere in between, with people watching each others videos, would be nice.
I am not good at commenting, since I often have to listen while doing things on the side, due to limited time.
But I usually listen to pretty muach all the entries, while still noticing the the number of views for most videos as often way lower than the number of seasonistas participating.
I don't know if you can trust Youtubes viewcount though. For one song that I spend all week practicing, youtube says that it got 5 views. Average viewing time 36 seconds. It was 1.43 long. So those few people who actually clicked it, in average listened to 1/3 of it. Total playing time 3 minutes. That is the same length as one of those dozens of songs that I listened to that week.

Some themes might be harder for some people than others. So you cant expect an the same number each week.
If a theme is too broad, it actually doesn't inspire me. Some kind of restrictions demands creativity.
It is just easier for me when the theme is about the lyrics or theme of the song, rather than the artist, since it is always hard to learn a song by a new artist you never heard of.
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