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Jul 17, 2023
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Hi everybody!

I have downsized so much that since I purposely traveled the country, I haven't had a computer or Internet for five years! I've done everything on Android!

I'm trying to record video, but the file for only a verse and bridge, (around one minute long), cannot be sent to the forum. It also shut my whole amazing down!

I tried to Google it, but couldn't come up with anything.

Could I just post an audio?

I do have a small external microphone that sounded ok when I tested it, but haven't really used it yet.

I've been playing ukulele since 2019, but I'm socially anxious and can't play a note around people or earshot. At first I could not play a single note correctly while trying to record, but I keep trying and I'm hoping to get over that. It wasn't such a problem when I used to play cello!

Anyway, I've been working on pushing the record button and actually playing, so things are slowly progressing.

If Android doesn't work, is there another fix other than a computer? I just want to live without one. Besides, I'm faster at swyping than typing.

My old camera needs replacing, but would that work?

Feeling kinda technically challenged in later years here...

Thanks for your help!
Wishing you well the best.
Can you upload your video to a website like YouTube, then share the link here?
One step at the time.

If you want to post a video (or audio) in a post in the forum, you click the "media" icon over the area where you type, and enter the link to the hosting platform where you have uploaded the video (or audio) to. So you should not "send" the file to the Forum, but link to the place where you have sent it. The Forum doesn't have a way to store video and audio files, only still pictures. Media files you need to upload somewhere else and link to.

Is the video file live and working on your Android device?

Have you placed in on a platform like YouTube or the like?
Otherwise I or someone else here will guide you through that.

Just posting Audio?
Depends on the purpose of posting. Audio will also need to be hosted on another site.

You write that you have an external microphone.
That is usually a good idea to use for better audio.
You havent mentioned what kind of Andoid device you have, and how recent. And not how the microphone is connected - USB C, micro USB, USB A, or 3,5 mm mini jack. Some older android devices dont have drivers for external USB microphones, but I think you would need to go back to before USB-C before that is the case. I will assume you know how to work your microphone, since you havent given more information. Otherwise state if something is giving you trouble.

Using a camera for recording?
Whether the video quality will be better depends on the camera type. If it is one of those cameras with lots of zoom, that still fits in your pocket, a recent android device will probably be better. They have very small sensors, and the lenses that makes the zoom possible is not good at letting in light. You might as well use your android devices build in camera. It also has a very small sensors, but since it doesnt have zoom, it is optimized for getting a lot of light in when recording at its default setting. If you have a camera with a bigger sensor, like a " 1" type " sensor or bigger, and less than 4x zoom in the lens, you can probably take better video on the camera. But you would need to figure out how to focus properly, unless it is a really modern camera. The Android device will be made with cameras for video conferencing and have build in a workaround for that.
If you dont have a an external micropgone for your camera, your android device will probably have better sound. Even with the build in microphone. The build in microphones in cameras are not good.
If you manage it all, you still need to transfer the video file to your android device to get it to the internet. That could be tricky if the camera is old and doesnt have some bluetooth connection for this.
In short: If you feel that the tech stuff if trouble, it is probably a better idea to record on your Android device.

If you cant get it to work on your Android device:
A lot of people create audio and video on an android device and post directly to YouTube etc.
So if you dont want to buy a computer, you could perfectly well upgrade to a newer, more powerful Android device in stead.
But lets see if you can get it to work first.
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This thread, which is about the weekly "Seasons of the Ukulele" challenge, includes a link to a step by step guide to uploading and posting videos.
The same procedure can be used to post videos in other forum threads.

Only iPhone users are allowed to record audio. Samsung flagship phones once allowed it for a few months then quietly it down. I have several pieces of obsolete audio interfaces that claimed to but never worked on android phones.
Only iPhone users are allowed to record audio. Samsung flagship phones once allowed it for a few months then quietly it down. I have several pieces of obsolete audio interfaces that claimed to but never worked on android phones.

Was this before or after usb c ?

I cant speak to audio interfaces, and which audio interfaces worked at what time. But it doesnt sound like OP wants to connect an interface or use a DAW, rather record in the video app with an external microphone.

I used to record some stuff on an Android tablet using the DAW Audio Evolution. This was back in micro usb days, and I connected an usb mic using and usb-A to micro-usb "on the go" adapter. Back then Android wasnt set up to look for audio input from the usb port. It was known that only iPhone could do that. But the DAW had developed 3rd party drivers that made it work, which was $5 extra. It worked with my usb mic, but I must admit that the sound level was horribelt low. Despite the microphone coming with but usb-A connection for computer and lightning for Apple devices, meaning that it should be designed to work on mobile devices.
If you ever work with an interface on a phone, I recommend getting one with a different power supply than the usb connection. I dont think phones have enough power.

Since usb-c was introduced, many phones skipped the 3.5 mm headphone Jack. Headsets connected through the usb c connection, and audio in and out accepted with only the native Android drivers. I suspect this means that it would accept a usb mic too, since the in and outputs are similar. Multi track interfaces could be another story.
I havent tested it though.

Edit: I just googled the most common external mics for phone video recording. Those that work with Android require a 3,5 mm jack connection - or an jack to usb c adapter like the one you would use for a headset with jack connection.
So any audio device connected directly to the usb c port would still only be recognized by apps that run 3rd party drivers.

Edit again:
I just tried connecting a number of usb sound units to my phone - a Sony Experia 5 III.

It will not run my interface - an Audient Id14.
It says that either it doesnt have enough power or it is because I did not use an "on the go cable". Since they both have usb c, an on the go cable would not make sense, since that converts usb A to usb C. However, the interface did say that it needs to be connected to usb c on the computer, or usb A mach 3 to have enough power. Usb 1 or 2 on a pc will bit have enough power, so why would a phone have enough power?

I also tried my usb microphones, both using usb A through on the go cables. Blue Yeti (stereo mode) and Shure MV5. Both worked. Audio Evolution let me choose between their 3rd party drivers and native Android drivers. Actually both worked, but the sound came in a bit hotter with the 3rd party drivers. The stereo from the Yeti did come through as stereo.

To see if it would work on video, outside the Audio Evolution app, I tried recording a video with and without the Blue Yeti connected.
My ears might decieve me, but it sounds like the sound from the Yeti was recognized by the native video app on my phone.

It seems that more things work than you would assume, given that Shures and Blues websites doesnt say it will work.
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My original cheap and nasty Android phone, a rebadged Lenovo, recorded audio like a dream, but only in mono from an internal mic, and a low bitrate, and I never got any advice on here on improving the bitrate on my iPad either, a lowly 65kbps. I have never managed to record audio successfully to my latest Android phone. By far the best way is just to bite the bullet and invest in a PC or laptop just for the flexibility it offers. Someone I subscribe to on YouTube recently posted he had a chart hit with something he put together 24 years ago on a Windows 98 computer which would do exactly the same job now, in my experience, but the extra demands imposed by playing back high definition video would be too much for it now, let alone recording video too!
So far all my recordings were done with an old LG phone with Android 10. It's not fancy multitrack stuff just straight and simple and I think that the quality is surprisingly good. But I think it helps that I have a tripod to hold the phone.
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