Reach out to a fellow Seasonista

I hear you, Chelle. Yes, it is time to do exactly this. I will certainly contact a few Seasonistas I miss seeing here these days.
I think it's a great idea Chelle, and Yukio ! ! !

I myself have received a few friendly emails from seasonistas checking in on me over these last 3 years that i've been participating here. hey never fail to cheer me up!
I'm in touch with a few old timers who we don't see around anymore. I think most of them have either been busy on other sites serving a larger audience, or else have moved on to other things. I am sure they look back on their Seasonista days with nostalgia. I am just grateful that this fragile beast we call the Seasons has been robust enough to remain a largely peaceful and supportive community. I'm also doubly grateful it is still here after so many years. It has been my main springboard and inspiration all that time and I don't see me "moving on" anytime soon.
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