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Apr 8, 2015
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Do I have this right that when looking at a piece like this, the top stave is vocals/ guitar, the middle for piano and the bottom for bass? I'm trying to make sure im usually right stave to tab from.15861080453504203869806350859124.jpg
Looks like the top line has two vocal parts: Melody and low harmony. Typically (but not always) the vocalist singing the higher-pitched notes is the one carrying the melody.

The second and third lines (connected by a bracket) are for piano. Treble clef is usually played with the right hand, bass clef with the left hand.

And of course guitar chords on top. A bass player would typically work off the guitar chords or choose notes from the piano bass clef.
Well, the top part is certainly vocal, the bottom two staves are piano.

I think the top part is actually representative of verses. First time through, you sing the top words with the big notes, the second time through, you sing the bottom words (if they exist) to the smaller notes.

It isn't too common that you see such differences in a melody in a song!
Thanks. I'll try building tab off the top stave.
I just picked a stray page out of the song book I'm working from and I'm thinking this example would make me nuts to tab. I don't even know some of the noting. Needless to say, I'll be picking one of her simpler ones.
It does look to be a rather complicated piece. I certainly couldn't play it on piano.
The top stave looks like just guitar to me, and lower two are piano.

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I have found that if you get an "easy piano" score online the melody and chords are easy to differentiate.
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