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Apr 24, 2022
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Could someone please explain this notation to me?

Screenshot 2022-09-23 07.41.08.png

In a chord scenario, I understand that means "don't play this string in this chord", but I don't know what it means here?
I'm assuming it means to play a muted string (lightly touched so it doesn't ring, but plucked/picked).
I agree with Larry U. Intended to make a percussive plucking noise/ muted note. Mute with finger and pluck. Far above my pay grade. . .
Ploverwing- I think I stumbled into a decent example of that tab symbol a few moments ago. While working by ear (no tab involved) through the melody of Brahms Lullaby, I realized that the 4th and 8th notes (each which is probably a 1/4 note and might even be an 1/8th) needs exactly that sort of muted / half pull-off movement.

I was initially trying to pluck a note one step lower but it sounded far too “elementary/ cartoonish” in comparison to the mute pluck. If that seems clear as mud, I’m referring to the necessary (at least to my own ear) percussive note after “Lou” if you sing the words “La La Lou”.

Of course, there is always the possibility that the melody I improvised wasn’t actually Brahms Lullaby. If so, whatever it was, adding those percussive notes took it up several notches.
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