Recommend a music/laptop stand?

Oh, well the original size iPad works fine too. It's just a smaller format. But, ForScore still displays the entire page on the screen. I take my original size with me in the side pockets of Tenor Uke gig bags, and I take my old Mini iPad with me in the side pockets of Concert Ukes. I even slip the Mini into a Soprano bag under the Uke. I just like using my big iPad here in my music room and around the house. And, it's easier to use for editing. I keep ForScore organized and edited on the big one, and sync the others to it through iCloud.
The ability to use the Apple Pencil is handy, although I don’t do it that much, and somewhat more portability is nice, too. The iPad with ForScore is a great tool for music. The MacBook with ForScore is also good—you can see two full-size pages at once, and they aren’t much smaller than a regular iPad—bigger than a mini! I use it at my desk a lot. I like that ForScore syncs up all my devices. I’ve even used it on my phone in the car a time or two. My wish was to use the computer at groups, not just at home, as well as the iPad. I’ve gotten a lot of good suggestions, thanks!
Manhasset Voyager if you need something portable.
I do this at home, but my stand isn’t steady enough that I’d trust it to hold my computer.
I bought this one. It was about $40 at a megastore. Tough as nails and packs up nicely.

I also used my laptop to work with chords and record a demo version of my song. However, it wasn't the best idea, and you'll see why. After a week of recording and processing the sound, I put all the files in one of the folders on my laptop. One morning, I decided to listen again to the fruit of my efforts, but I did not find it. I tried not to panic because almost any data can be recovered, often helps me with this. But I am confused by the fact that my data disappeared for no reason. If you are mixing audio with programs on your computer, transfer the data to another medium just in case.
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Yes, IF you were in a situation where you were concerned about it being bumped and being knocked off, something like this one might be a better choice (although, it could also be knocked over, depending on how rowdy that group is!)

I may order one of these myself!
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