Recommendations for a 35.36mm (max) baritone


May 15, 2021
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Renewing the @Baz Flight Aurora bari thread swooped me up into uas! The sound of this bari is really satisfying and I was just ready to make a purchase and unfortunately, the nut is too wide for my hands.

Super disappointing. So I'm looking for a bari with a 35-36mm nut width at approximately the same price point and ideally, as attractive as the Flight Aurora. I don't want to spend more than $400 usd.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.
hmmm...that may be tough. I know Makaio bari's are around 36mm, but I haven't played one. I would suggest you contact Aloha City ukes and ask them. They carry Flight ukes and can compare them to others. I have purchased a bari from them and had a good experience.

Another thought is to look for a vintage harmony baritone. I remember them having a skinny neck.
Just a couple of suggestions.
# change your thread tittle from ‘35.36’ to ‘35 - 36’ and add ‘nut’.
# investigate baritone tuning on a Tenor (which might have the narrower nut you are seeking).

Whenever I hear a Baritone being finger-picked I‘m immediately taken by the sound. I’m not certain but believe that it’s possible to tune (even) smaller Ukes to Baritone tuning. IIRC then Student on Cosmos down tuned smaller Ukes.
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