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Nov 22, 2023
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Howdy everyone, discovered this forum while searching for info on a Morena ukulele (just made a post in Uke Talk).
I’m late ‘50s, have played guitar, banjo, dobro and harmonica for a while, relative newcomer to ukuleles. I have an Ohana TK-35, a ‘20s Lyon & Healy Camp Uke and the so-far-unplayed Morena. Please don’t make me buy more instruments! Except maybe a pineapple…
Hi McStubbins, welcome to the UU Forum. I'm a fellow Wisconsinite living (for now) in Sparta, WI.

Enjoy your ukes.
Welcome to UU, McStubbins!
Can't help you with your question, but I'm sure you'll get advice from other members. I'm not telling you whether you need more ukes or not. I do suggest to spend enough time with what you have already, as long as it gives you joy!
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