Remember the Aphid?


Big guy with a lil' uke..
Mar 19, 2010
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East Texas
Hey guys. For some of you that have been around a long time, may, or may not remember me making these mini Ukes I dubbed "The Aphid". 6-1/2" scale (overall length 10"). Some of you may have gotten one of these back then. I had to give up on making them for health reasons, and haven't made one in over a decade. But, a very close dear friend of mine of many years saw the one that I still have (the very first one I made), and fell in love with it, and said she would love to have one just to have something that I made with my own hands. I could not turn that down, and decided to break out my old tools, jigs, and patterns and see if I could still make them. Well, I think it turned out just fine, although a bit more challenging than I remember. She is absolutely in love with it, and has named it "Alamea" (Precious in Hawaiian). I was so thrilled to be able to build this for her. Thought I would jab some memories from years ago for the older crowd of the group. Enjoy. (The figure is my personal action figure some old friends made me years ago. Canning how much it looked like me.. lol. )


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Nice! A fun little uke.
great to hear from you Tony.
yeah i remember the Aphid's! this one is gorgeous
and it's awesome you were able to build this little sweetheart for your friend.
be well brother -
eugene (jon)
Thanks Jon, Good to hear from you and see you still around.
Hello Tudorp, nice to hear from you again.
I still lurk here in the shadows.
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