Removed FS: Price Drop to $550 + shipping: Romero Creations TT6 Guilele


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Oct 11, 2018
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In excellent, like new condition Romero Creations solid mahogany-solid spruce top Tiny Tenor 6 string guilele.
Includes strap button, D'Adarrio black strap, two sets of Pepe Romero UG1 strings, and Romero Creations padded soft case.
$750 plus shipping in the cont. US only.

Dropping price to $700 plus shipping in cont. US
This is a beautiful, and beautiful sounding instrument. Unfortunately, it's not getting much playing time due to some arthritis in the fingers.
I’ve tried to send a pm but I don’t think it went through. Is this still available? Is it the steel string version? Thanks
No, it has not been sold. It is the steel string version, and I don't know why PM's are not going through.
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Jim's right those are not steel strings on the TT6. Tiny ships strung with Pepe Romero Strings Guilele Set (UG1). These fluorocarbon trebles are smooth, long sustaining and warm, including the first string. Basses appear to be standard La Bella classical strings: nylon or composite thread basses overwound with silver coated bronze wire. The TT6 is basically a wee classical guitar. Love mine.
I stand corrected. I though the wire wound were considered steel strings, but I learned something new.
I believe the nut width is 49-50mm. I don't have the unit with me, so I can't confirm.
I'm back from summer vacation, and I need to bump this back up the line. I'm dropping the price to $700.
Beautiful instrument, and sounds amazing. I'm selling because arthritis in the fingers makes playing with six strings a bit difficult for me.
Sorry about the mistake since I dropped the price to $700 earlier in June. So dropping price to $650 plus shipping in Cont. US.
Does this have as thick of a body as their regular ukes?
I hate that specs aren't systematically made available by all manufacturers and retailers. All dimensions and weight should be available especially when you're buying 1000$ instruments...
Going by Aloha City ukes the TT6 is 3 inches deep. They also list the Signature tenor as 3". To be honest I'd be surprised if the TT6 was any less than 3.
That aside, what a nice instrument
Does this have as thick of a body as their regular ukes?
I have one and the soundboard sits flush in my concert and tenor cases. So standard body depth, but with a reduced upper bout. My main complaint, at a mere 49mm at the nut, I wish the fingerboard was a little wider.
Priced dropped to $600 plus shipping in Cont. US
Price dropped to $550 plus shipping.
Anyone interested?
I am so tempted on this! I think they sound great. But I'm very hesitant about getting back into playing 6 strings. Will think about it.
I'm also tempted on this, but I'm trying to sell some of the ukes I don't play first before buying another one. Doesn't seem to be a lot of interest in buying lately.
Yeah it seems like a great deal. I have no doubt it's a great instrument. I hope you find a buyer soon.
Wow,..That is a very fair offer, I only wish I could play a six my fingers don't move that well.

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