Retired - need to Golf - Requirement of Retirement

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Apr 11, 2021
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South Eastern Wisconsin
As I am now retired its like a requirement to golf. I bought clubs and equipment. Next spring is when I plan to really get into it.

I went and hit a few balls today - wow , am I bad !

I golfed years ago a little. Not like riding a bike. I was awful today. Slice, Slice, Slice. Went out with 6 new balls and lost 5 . LOL

Have to get some used ones or go to a driving range. Guess I will have to have my son take me. He has been golfing about a year and does ok.
I remember taking him a little when he was a younger teen ( thats 15 years ago or so ) I wasn't that rotten then. I still remembered how to swing a club a little.
I was surprised how bad I was today, I have forgotten everything apparently. Oh well. Better find some used balls to figure it out again. Now that my son is a adult with a few years in the back pocket he will have to teach me.

I started golf a couple of years ago, after being retired for a few years. I like the challenge of learning something new. Also, my wife and I can do it together and we get to socialize with many fine people that we have met on the course. I find more balls than I loose which means that I'm out-of-bounds looking for my ball more often than I like. When I was getting started, I took three lessons and a few clinic's. It helped a lot. I don't take the game too seriously and having playing partners who are out for the enjoyment of outdoor recreation and comradery rather than competition helps keep golf fun for me. Like the Ukulele, the more you play, the better you get. Hope you have a good time out there.
To begin, I'd suggest that you practice chipping & putting (short game). Those skills will help you to get lower scores when you get on the course. Once you get good at that, you can work on your full swing.

I've laid off for a few years, but would work on my short game if I were to start playing again.
How do you find time to golf at this time of year? Aren't you curling every spare moment of your day? 🤣
Friday is about the one day I don't Curl ! Fairly nice weather and that will end soon, so wanted to hit a few balls as I will have to wait until spring.

Thats the idea - Curl 6 months. Golf 6 months. Also fish, play pinball and shoot a little archery too. Oh - and play ukulele now and then

And some grilling and smoking. I have gotten pretty good at smoking Lake Trout.
I never could get my head into chasing a little ball over several acres of real estate. But golf balls make great reactive targets for a .22 caliber rifle or handgun. A ball is good for about 3 hits, and they bounce away from you, making the next shot a bigger challenge.
Play where they gather (after 18, or 36) in the clubhouse.

Warm up on the putting green, then hit them with a hole-in-one at the 19th hole :)
(They'll never know what you have in your bag.)
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A friend once told me, "It's not that hard. Just put the ball in the hole." Then I tried it. I spent most of my time searching in the woods for my balls. It's great exercise. About the time I figured out how to keep my balls on the fairways I was too old to have effective power to be a competitive golfer. But I love the game. There's probably a bunch of life lessons that could be gleaned from golf.
I retired 12 years ago when I was 62. The main reason I didn't consider golf was about 50 years ago my two friends who golfed, talked me into going with them to a nine hole course. I found I had a great drive, so much so, I would go past the green every time and have to chip back. I shot a 109 on that course. First and last time I played golf. I actually did have one other experience when I was a production assistant for the Johnny Mann Singers Stand Up and Cheer TV show.

Johnny was an avid golfer and we were having a production party in a rec room that had a golf driver machine where you hit the ball into a mesh screen that showed how well you shot. I asked Johnny what he thought of my drive, and when I did it, he said if we ever play together, I want you on my team.
Yes, my local golf course frowns on "select fire" players.
We used to be able to play it at a local gun range, but then they decided no.

And of course, you don't play it walking down the range shooting (or at least, we don't). You take turns, and have to shoot your ball down the range as far as possible from the firing line - that's what makes it challenging (especially if it gets hidden behind a hunk of dirt or something).

But actual golf... that's a very popular sport here, as people can play it practically all year round (with a few snow day exceptions).
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