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Jan 6, 2010
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I see that Jake Wildwood has a couple of Risa electric ukes posted on his site. They are quite attractive and reputed to be well made instruments for those who want to rock out and like the steel string. I recall Baz gave them a favorable review. You don't see them too often and I have not heard too much about them over the years, so I figured they are worth sharing.

I have no connection with these instruments
Good Public Service Announcement. They are a great instrument, I owned one for a couple years. Back then I wasn’t really into the steel string sound and eventually sold it. But they are a top shelve high quality instrument and the person I sold it to loves it.
Love my RISA. I use it for just about every song I record.
These have a headstock. They are in the style of classic Fender and Les Paul guitars
The Risa instruments were pretty high on my list when I went looking for an electric uke. Mim's carries them regularly. I decided I wanted a more nylon string sound and when a Godin presented itself at a good price I bought that and have never looked back. Risa is a top shelf steel string uke to be sure. If you have one I sure hope you enjoy playing it.
These have a headstock. They are in the style of classic Fender and Les Paul guitars
Oops, sorry. Thinking about my Risa Stick. I've deleted my original answer. (Now that I can. Yay!)
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Overall they're very well made, gorgeous instruments that feel very comfortable. The key is knowing what you want though. I purchased one earlier this year and I never ended up playing it because of the hassle of electronics, very small living space, cat who wants to destroy cables, etc. Plus I was learning too many things at the same time.
I recently traded it to another ukulele underground member and I hope that they will love it. I don't discard the possibility of acquiring another one someday. But I will say this, it is very much a niche instrument and living somewhere with no ukulele culture it was a difficult thing to resell. It's hard to make people understand the value and interest in it. Of course that would also apply to any fancy acoustic ukulele, but those are also easier to sell online.
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