Risa Electric Ukulele - No Sound


Mar 6, 2023
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Bought this at a thrift store recently.

Unfortunately out of the bag it did not play. After disassembly it appears that someone had tried to fix it at some point. (There was a loose washer in the body cavity and one of the saddle plates was upside down and backwards.)
I tested the components and found that one of the potentiometers was bad. (B 500k - verified) After installing the new pot I now get sound when tapping on the pickup (and plugged into an amp). However, when I play the strings I there is no sound at all generated.

I contacted Risa and they replied. Unfortunately they were not able to provide any diagrams, checks, or suggestions other than trying a different amp.

Given the uniqueness of this uke I hate for it to just sit on a shelf. I am hoping someone on this forum has some ideas for reviving this ukulele.

The bad pot was the one on the right. The capacitor has also been checked.
there must be someone locally who does electric guitars... can't be rocket science to check the other components. Sounds like other things like pick up could have been put back together wrongly from your initial report...
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