Sold Romero Creations # 2 - Cedar & Rosewood "Limited Edition" Grand Tenor

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Jan 30, 2013
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Durham, NC
My 1st Romero Creations uke sold the 1st day. That speaks volumes for the quality and sound these ukes have. They don't come up for sale all that often. This one is a "Limited Edition", I got on a trade and it's literally "like new" as it probably less than 10 hours of use. The UU member I got it from had just bought it and had a couple other Romero ukes. I had a uke they really wanted and this was a uke I always wanted to try. Per TUS "This is a very limited offering from Pepe and the Grand body size and build with this wood combo is awesome!" The combination of a beautiful, powerful Rosewood and the warmth of Cedar has a sound that stands out. Again as the TUS review puts it "Western red cedar has become a favorite for many acoustic players. It's character gives both depth and clarity. The high grade Indian rosewood adds to the richness, articulation, and incredible sustain". The uke has a Spanish guitar feel. Add to the great woods combo the Grand Tenor's larger body and you get a big full voice. The body is a bit bigger than most tenor ukuleles, and the result is a deep, rich tone than goes great with the low G setup that comes standard.

Great build, big warm voice, comes in the fitted, logoed heavy duty gig bag. This one is up for sale only because I want to put some money back in the ukulele pot that got emptied by my recent KoAloha Red Label purchase. With a list near $1400, here's one "as new" for $950 shipped/insured. I am happy to accept Paypal Friends & Family on Goods & Services with an additional 3% of the price for fees. Thanks for looking...


Dang! If I did't just spring for the 'Oli Spruce/Macassar Ebony Tenor, I'd be buying this back from you in a heartbeat! You can never have too many Romero's in the Stable, as far as I'm concerned!! And this instrument is literally brand new! Great deal, on a great Uke, by a great person! 🤗
What exactly is the difference between a tenor and a grand tenor?
I don't have both of my Romero's here to compare but from my understanding the lower bout is a little larger on the Grand Tenor. It has a big full voice but I'm not sure if that's from the cedar top or the larger body (or both).
What exactly is the difference between a tenor and a grand tenor?
The tenor is an almost exact copy of Pepe’s handmade tenors but factory made in Vietnam. That’s why they are named replica, and more recently renamed as signature model. They are 12 fret to body. The grand tenor is a bit bigger in the lower bout and much thicker in depth. They are 14 fret to the body.
Dang, that's a nice lookin' instrument.
Big bold sound in a beautiful instrument. Great price too.
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