Price Drop Romero Creations Spruce/Claro Walnut Tenor, Excellent and Rare!

$725. Shipped Lower price 10/1/23
Included CONUS only.
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Nov 9, 2019
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Aloha folks,

I do love this ukulele but promises are promises.

With my custom Kanile’a coming in today, I promised I would sell a few to pay for it.

This one hurts to sell as it’s been one of my favorite instruments.

This is the Romero Creations solid Spruce and solid Claro Walnut back and sides tenor.

Terrifically big sound and crisp articulation. (Playing video available)

No marks, scratches, flea bites, cigarette burns, etc.

Andrew Kitakis of The Ukulele Site asked Pepe to build a unique Replica tenor for HMS. There was only a handful of these made. Purchased and set up by TUS.

Always properly humidified and extremely well taken care of, with a minimum amount of playtime.

Guitar Armour (removable) on the treble side of the soundhole to prevent any nail scratches.

It comes with the very nice Romero case.

$800. shipped

Here is The Ukulele Site writeup on this instrument:

Brand New Exclusive Model Romero Creations

This is a replica of Pepe Romero's custom tenor we love but could never keep in stock. It has his signature reverse fan bracing, Spanish heel joint with 12 frets to body construction, lightweight construction, and geared Gotoh UPT tuners. The gorgeous woods are outlined in abalone and ebony wood binding and it's shown off in a wonderful gloss finish.

Walnut is an excellent tonewood falling sonically between the warm dark sounds of East Indian Rosewood and the bright bell-like ring of Maple. ... It gives the woody sound of Mahogany, but also adds some of the bottom end of Rosewood.

The spruce top adds tonal range and clarity and pairs perfectly with this claro walnut. The feel and tone make this a fantastic value. Be one of the first to experience this new model from Romero Creations. We give our top recommendations!

Top: Solid Spruce
Back & Sides: Solid Claro Walnut
Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Ebony
Bridge: Ebony
Binding: Ebony
Logo: Mother of pearl
Tuners: Gotoh Planetary Tuner
Nut & Saddle: Natural Cow Bone
12 Frets to the body
Strings: Pepe Romero UT2 Low G Tenor
Finish: Polyurethane Gloss

Measurements: Tenor
Total Scale Length: 17”/43.82cm
Body Length: 12”/30.48cm

Overall length: 26.75”/67.95cm
Nut Width: 1.5”/38.15mm
Saddle Width: 2.9”/73.6mm
Lower Bout Width: 9”/22.86cm
Upper Bout Width: 6.5”/16.51cm
Lower Bout Depth: 2.9”/7.366cm
Upper Bout Depth: 3”/7.62cm

String Spacing

At Nut: G to C = 10mm G to A = 30mm
At 12th Fret: G to C = 13mm G to A=38mm
At Saddle: G to C = 15mm G to A = 43mm


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The walnut back is gorgeous! I have to make some room on my shelf still but hopefully some lucky person will give it a home soon!
Lovely tenor. Walnut is an underappreciated tone wood.
Looks fantastic and really like the choice of tonewoods!

A shame it doesn't have a pickup - really looking for one in my next tenor.

So I'll have to pass!
gorgeous! don't suppose you have a link to TUS's sound sample? or one of your own? have you ever played it with low G?
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