Saddened By the Passing of Eddie Kamae

I was wondering how he was doing. as I had just been listening to his "Those Who Came Before" documentary. He was not only a wonderful player and singer, but the Hawaiian Legacy films he did are such a valuable piece of history for the Ukulele and hawaiian music and culture in general.

I know his influence must still be great in Hawaii; hopefully the legacy he has left the rest of us will allow him to become even better known to the rest of the Ukulele World. RIP, Eddie.
To us growing up, he was the first "Eddie" (with respect to Eddie Aikau). Synonymous with palaka; a constant reminder of my family's plantation background. Roots.
Yes we lost another great Sons of Hawaii, Eddie was an legend, great man and one of those we made a Big impact in
Hawaiian music and the ukulele. Me Ke, Aloha Pumehana, A Hui Ho Eddie, Keep strumming them strings up there
A true legend. He'll be remembered.
godspeed Eddie!
Just bought one of his albums recently and had become a fan. Thanks for the great music and inspiration.
In mid December our ukulele group got a request to play some songs for Eddie and his wife Myrna, so we went over to visit. Eddie was in good spirits and they were very appreciative. They even sang a duet for us! We went the following week and after we finished playing, Myrna gave us each a copy of Eddie's book, Hawaiian Son. Sadly, we learned that he passed away the following week.
That's a truly sad story.
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