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Jun 1, 2010
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Should the saddle be 90* vertical or angled?
Should the top be rounded like an egg?

G String , KoAloha and Valley Made , all have low G
There's more than one way to skin a cat.
I'm not going to claim that only one of the options pictured is the only way to do thinks or that the other ways are wrong.
Thank you for posting. I’m eager to read Luthiers’ responses. Though I’ve sanded off the base to lower the action, I’ve yet to attempt any mod of the top of Yowling Tom’s saddle.

I suspect the bridge top makes little, if any, difference unless a bit of tilt or G and E compensation is needed as a result of incorrect scale length caused by improper bridge position.
I'm a hobby luthier but I have seen a few instruments, I have never seen a saddle angled towards the sound hole, that looks to me to be asking for trouble down the road. I have been putting a sharper top on my saddles adjusting fore and aft for intonation, I haven't decided if the sharper top is a good idea or not.
It looks to me that the top picture saddle is too thin for the slot. There is a gap on the bottom left and top right, and the bottom of the saddle is not flat against the bottom. This causes the angle and may affect the sound without a good firm connection against the bottom or if the saddle can vibrate inside the bridge. You could remove the saddle and make a new one with a blank, sanding it to more precisely fit in the slot unless it was glued in to compensate for the loose fit.
On my Ohana, the bridge is angled a bit like on the first picture. On the rest of my ukes it is perpendicular to the top.
I have no idea what the significance is 🤔.
On the same instrument the sloping saddle would effect the intonation. The pressure dynamics may lead to bridge cracking on inferior wood. installing an undertone saddle pick up is asking for trouble. The look is not good.
I wouldn't worry about it as long as it plays and sounds good. If it bugs you too much you could shim it with a thin strip cut from a credit card or something similar. I would not glue it.
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