Sadness and Sorrow - Naruto


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Dec 22, 2007
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A link to the Guitar Pro file:

A link the the PDF:

A link to the midi file:

I've never seen Naruto, nor have I ever heard this tune before someone requested it in the song help threads, so I don't know how accurate it is.

After the request was made, I took a look at to see if there were any tabs of it. There was one version there, and it sounded really pretty.

There was a guitar track, a flute track, two piano tracks, a shamisen track, and a strings track in this tab file. I tried to take all of the tracks and merge them into one ukulele track.

I think it sounds pretty good.


Sweet sweet tab Seeso. Thanks for this one! Naruto rules!
yay! cool! thanks sees´!
but still i think the version for piano is the most beautiful one!:D
Thank you!

Thanks but all the links are broken
Could you put another link please?
And where is the page 2 of the tab?
Does anyone happen to still have this lying around anywhere? :O
Yes Seeso or anyone else that still has this please re-post. Its an amazing song would love the second page.
just post it somewhere's we can grab it, pls.
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