San Diego gig at Sushi Performance and Visual Art- March 6


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Jun 8, 2008
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Lethbridge, Alberta
If you like ukuleles, art history, and audience participation, this may be the thing for you-

frannydeschanel and I, as The Cedar Tavern Singers AKA Les Phonorealistes, are going to San Diego for an art exhibition called Family Matters at Sushi Performance and Visual Art. As well as having work in the exhibition, we will be performing live on Saturday, March 6.
The performance is at 8pm (I believe there is going to be some kind of marching band opening for us- awesome!), and this is our first gig in the States! I'm having heart palpitations (in a good way) just thinking about it.

Sushi is located at 390 Eleventh Avenue, San Diego, CA.

Ticket purchasing and more information are here: tickets are $15 for Sushi members and $20 for non-members

From Sushi's website:
Family Matters introduces Sushi’s audience to a group of artists who reflect on the esoteric legacies of the avant-garde through work that is formally – if paradoxically – influenced by popular entertainment.

A visual art exhibit interspersed with performances, lectures and film.

Featuring San Diego based new media artist Lisa Hutton making dada nonsense poems the subject of her multimedia animations. Andrew Kaufman plays the role of artist-as-amateur-magician in his Kiss series, which pays homage to the lineage of sculptors, from Constantin Brancusi to Felix Gonzalez-Torres, who have made work based on the subject of the kiss. The Hague-based artist Oscar Prinsen takes on the persona of a self-help guru who erects playground sculpture (for adults) that comically institutionalizes many of the themes of early performance art. Iowa based artist, Donna Stack embraces the feminist legacy of using soft, gendered materials in a series of profanity-laden, handstiched welcome mats that would make Martha Stewart blush. And the two-piece Canadian band The Cedar Tavern Singers compose pop songs about such avant-trivia as the Futurist Manifesto and Robert Smithson’s iconic earthwork, Spiral Jetty.

* Exhibit opens Thursday, March 4

* Opening reception Friday, March 5

*Performance by The Ceder Tavern Singers Saturday, March 6 — CHECK OUT THEIR SITE HERE * All Tickets: $20/General $15/Sushi Members — PURCHASE TICKETS HERE

* Film Screening and Panel Discussion: Nepotism and Other Character Flaws, March 12, 8PM * All Tickets: $15/General $10/Sushi Members — PURCHASE TICKETS HERE

* Exhibit closes Saturday April 24
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