San Francisco/Bay Area meet up?


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Sep 24, 2008
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San Francisco, California
I'd love to be a part of another one of these, although with the weather recently I'm not sure if we can have this one outdoors.

Anyone else in the Bay Area interested/got ideas?
I was on FaceBook and recently saw something on "Visitation Valley Ukulele Club". They just had a meet up on Saturday at the Vis Valley Community Center (SF). I wasn't able to make it, but hopefully they'll have another meet up soon! If I hear anything, I'll keep you posted..
I plan on cruisin GG park on Sunday. Hopefully the weather will hold up though... Gonna be doin the *FREE* urban ziplining on Friday, but gonna have others wid me, so no go.

Anyone in for Sunday?
Oooh! SF or Daly City area'ish maybe? New here.... very new..
Have there been any plans for an SF meet up? I'd love to meet other ukers who can help me improve haha I just started playing recently.
There seems to be a little interest in an SF meet up. Seems a little ambitious but what if we tried to start a monthly meet up in GG Park or on Ocean Beach and we can slowly mature the uke scene in SF. If I'm gonna stay here for another four years I want fellow ukers to jam with haha.
sounds good! ocean beach seems more calm and easier to get to tho maybe? it'd be nice to meet other UU'ers and hope to learn off ya'llz.. :)

sorry jjsdad - missed ur reply this weekend..
WOW, cool! have you been? is this something that might be kid friendly? I have a 5 yr old...

I haven't been yet. So far, Wednesdays have been a difficult evening for my schedule. You should email Mike DaSilva, though. I think he'd be happy to answer your questions or redirect them to someone who can.
So let's start planning guys! I have no idea how to do any of this and I'm not an amazing player so I don't know how well it'll go but let's just go for it.

Would you rather meet up at Ocean Beach, GG Park, or any other suggestions that are easy to get to?

Would Saturday or Sunday be the preferred date for a monthly get together?

Let's start with a general time like early afternoon? What do you guys suggest?

My picks are as follows
Location: Ocean Beach bonfire pits
Date: Saturdays
Time: Evening

Anyone else see where I'm going with this?
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My picks are as follows
Location: Ocean Beach bonfire pits
Date: Saturdays
Time: Evening

Anyone else see where I'm going with this?

Ukulele-fueled bonfires?

I'd like to come to a monthly meeting, but I'd only bring my Makala dolphin to the beach and I'd prefer to be able to play one of my nicer ukes instead. So I'd lobby for a primary meeting place that's a bit more protected from water, wind and sand (it could still be outdoors, like at Dolores Park), with *occasional* meetings at the bonfire pits on a Saturday evening.
I am very very open to meeting up pretty much anywhere as long as it's easy to get to. I didn't really think about people with nicer ukes since I have yet to purchase a nicer one. If you can think of an indoor place that would be better because we all know how messed up the weather here is.
Hey everyone!

Just wanted to give a shout out for the DaSilva get together. I have been going for quite a while -- they are really fun. It's a great space, all skill levels, all ages, and they play a fun mix of songs. I know its in Berkeley which is a little hard, but my favorite part about playing ukulele is being able to carry it while on my bicycle :)
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