Saw Jake last night; I'm switching to bass.


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Jul 5, 2014
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Man, that bass player that accompanied him, he sounded great.

Last night, I sensed that Jake knew a whole, whole, WHOLE lot more than playing the ukulele. The song "Tritone" was so cerebral, and the way he played "Go For Broke" (performed differently from the recording: chord melody) was so damn melodic and sounded patriotic. There must be something conventional in patriotic music because I never heard "Go For Broke" before, didn't recognize the melody, yet it sounded patriotic.

I love his sense of melody in "Blue Roses Falling." And his technique, impeccable. However old "Dragon" is, and how "gimicky" I used to think it was in its technicality, hearing it again after all these years, it sounded intense too. And the energy . . . that dude's quite the showman.
I really want to see him with the new band. Sounds like he's doing some pretty awesome stuff. Glad you got to go!
He’s at the Palace in Hilo fairly regularly, Brad. We missed him a couple of months ago, but he’ll be back. Saw him there in 2016 with his bass player.
I saw Jake with fellow UU brother ScooterD35 back in October when he came to MPAC in Morristown, NJ.

The show was AMAZING and exceeded all expectations. Yes the bass and guitar players actually added to the rendering of the songs. I thought it would not be so, since my favorite recording of his is the LIVE album of him solo without any accompaniment, but I was proven wrong.

Jake was one of the reasons I started with ukulele and one of my musical heroes. I was very happy to have gotten his autograph and a photo with him after the show, which you can see photos of when I posted here:
I saw Jake at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville on February 17, and really enjoyed him with the trio (Nolan Verner on bass and Dave Preston on guitar). Having a lead guitar player gave Jake someone to play off of, and added a lot to every song. Dave Preston is sort of an ambient guitarist and his style suited Jake's very well.

It was the first time Jake had played the Ryman and he knocked it out of the park. They opened for Tommy Emmanuel that night, and it was the first time I've ever seen an opening act get a standing ovation!
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