UU Podcast Scrappy Youth VS Mature Musicians | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #109

Scrappy Enthusiasm, Jamming Faux Pas, & Musical Conversations​

What is the difference between a Scrappy, Up and Coming Musician VS a Mature Musician who has been around the block? What are the traits of Inexperienced Players and what are the qualities of Tasteful Players? What Jamming Faux Pas should you avoid, and what can you do to Mature as a Musician? Find the answers to these questions plus our thoughts on High Humidity, Jazz, and Metal on today’s podcast.

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Questions asked this Week:
0:45 Breathing in Spring
3:55 What are traits of a Mature Player?
6:05 What are traits of a Inexperienced Player?
12:20 Battling Someone more Mature
16:45 Being Scrappy isn’t Bad
18:45 Playing Out of Turn
23:05 Following the Conversation
29:15 Being Scrappy is how you learn
33:55 Listen and Be in the Moment
35:45 Examples of Mature Players
41:40 Song Choices that Reflect Maturity
46:50 Aldrine is still Scrappy
50:10 Using tech for Jamming
52:00 What about playing Harmony to someone else?
54:40 Thoughts on Steven Universe and Rebecca Sugar
55:50 How do you deal with High Humidity
57:10 Let the Jazz in
1:00:15 What is the best uke for Metal?
1:02:05 How does a Uke tackle Metal?
1:04:00 What even is Metal?
1:05:50 “I Want to Write a Song” & Aiko Yamashiro

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Playing out of turn.... when not to play... the groove... reading the room...
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