New Scrolling SOTU playlist on UU home page

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Jul 25, 2021
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A frame on the homepage that had an embedded player and scrolling/random songs from the weekly SOTU song challenges playlist.
Very cool idea.

Does everyone use a unifying tag for their uploads? Is it easy to grab a ready-made playlist of ALL SOTU (or at least ONLY SOTU) to automate this? If someone has to manually update a playlist that would kinda suck.
I think the playlist is compiled weekly by the host of the SOTU weekly song challenge. A link is located near the bottom of the original weekly song challenge post.
I definitely want to have SOTU videos on the front page! I'm working on a larger overhaul to make the front page more dynamic, more like a magazine front page, with things like recent SOTU winners, some past ones, etc. Certainly a featured link to the current Season.

Then also some things like featured instruments for sale with big pictures, any pictures uploaded to the Show Us Your Ukes thread (time to revive that thing!!!), especially hot threads, recent tutorials (there are a LOT of folks in UU doing tutorials!), the most recent videos from UU itself, and so on.

Then below that, the most recent new posts, upcoming events (we're going to be doing a MUCH better job tracking these!), and maybe a couple of other goodies I'm working on, plus the stuff that's on the front page now (users online, etc.).

Here's the thing about actually getting it done, though. We're seeing a number of issues with the site as it is, related to the difficulties our server is having with serving dynamic content. More videos and/or playlists on the front page is very risky for now. I'm hoping to get the site moved after the holidays, but I haven't even had a chance to meet with the site's owners about that yet. Hopefully next week!

In the meantime, I'm going to leave this open before setting the status to Backlog, just because I'd love to hear what other folks think about this!

Thanks for bringing it up, @Stoneyrun!
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