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Sep 6, 2023
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I’m in my 74th year and have been strumming an acoustic guitar for about 3 years.

I’m interested in a baritone uke tuned d g b e, with a cost of under $500.00. Would appreciate a wide nut width and to include a truss rod.
Would the following brands be acceptable, Ohana, Kala and Lanakai?

All opinions valued and appreciated!
Evening and Welcome.

Based on my limited experience you might want to spend some time watching video clips and figuring out what sound you want then decide what wood and if all wood or laminate then start thinning the choices by brands/models that meet your other criteria. If at all possible go try them hands on if someone close enough has baritone ukes. Some great used instruments available here under $500 unless you must have new.

Lots of folks here that are way more knowledgeable and experienced who may help your search.

Please share how your journey goes and be open to changing your preferences as you spend more time in the uke-verse.
I really like my Clearwater baritone uke. Solid spruce top, polycarbonate back and sides, built in “passive” pickup 🛻.
Ordered it from England through EBay…FF0E5CEF-3127-4451-8C76-D920CD8DC765.jpeg6A75F309-0F56-4F79-94F2-9A5115B93B30.jpegFF0E5CEF-3127-4451-8C76-D920CD8DC765.jpeg6A75F309-0F56-4F79-94F2-9A5115B93B30.jpeg
I'm not really sure how many others brands besides Pono put a truss rod in their ukes. I see the Flight Fireball baritone has one too. Maybe it's more common in baritones?

Flight has nice spacing for those looking for a bit wider, as I understand it. But honestly uke string spacing might feel big to you since it's bigger than guitar.

The Pono Kalele baritone is up for auction for Maui now on the uke site.

I’ve order a Pono Acacia Baritone AB 8304 from The Ukulele Site!
Great price with a hard case included!
Supposed to be here Tuesday, 9-19-2023!
Awesome, you'll love it!
Great, Remmurts! Let us know how you like your new baritone.
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