Season 274 - The Songs Stuck In My Head

Never heard of Bap Kennedy - although I see some of his stuff was produced by Steve Earle and that Mark Knopfler plays on some of his tracks.
Found something I liked and gave it a went ....
Here's a quickie to get me started. Bed head and all.

As many of you know, I busk (play for tips) on the MBTA public transit system in Boston. After 9 November I added a bunch of songs about nuclear war to my set list, including this classic. Enjoy!
What a terrific theme! I'm gonna be discovering a bunch of cool songs, I'm sure. I found this They Might Be Giants song, and fell in love with it! Science Is Real!

Look at all the cool stuff rolling in already! I can't wait to listen to it all. I'm off with my family for a Mother's Day breakfast and will be back later to bask in this bounty.
Thanks to ukuleledaddy I have had a happy morning pootling through these play lists, just picking out songs at random. I liked the title of this one so gave it a go.
Look at them go! Excellent! I am going to have a lot to listen too when Moms day wraps up! Tootler, I have a request. I have played "The Lakes of Ponchartrain" by the Be Good Tanyas and Hank Williams on the show, but I know it is an older tune than both those versions. Just throwing it out there as one in your wheelhouse mate ;)
Pa- nicely done! Sean's favorite right there, first!
Pa- nicely done! Sean's favorite right there, first!
I was going to do a Bap Kennedy tune today just to let folks know that there's an entire show of his songs to dig through, but Brian beat me to it. It's great to hear these tunes played on ukulele. I really appreciate you folks embracing this challenge and taking the time to discover new to you songs to perform.
I think this was from the show titled "Oh, Swing It!". It was a western swing-themed show, anyway. I got the wrong season number on the video. Oh well!

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Not digging real deep yet because I have not been able to assemble a Mariachi band...but I do love this one and have not played it in the seasons I don't think. Got distracted by train songs as is to be expected.
Oh my, this is going to be one of those weeks where I discover a lot and don't play the ukulele much...those show playlists look so tempting...

So I will get in quickly with one from the show on Feb 2nd. Depeche Mode have always been a bit of a mystery to me. I saw them around the time of this single (1981), when they were what I would describe as a tinkley-plonk synth band. Three minute pieces of joy, but hardly heavy. And then sometime later, while I wasn't watching, they seemed to become a bare-chested RRAAWWKK band, with millions of hairy followers. What happened?

Anyway, back to the days when Vince Clarke wrote pop tunes for them.

First of all, happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there!
I almost can't believe what I'm hearing. I love these songs, they mean a great deal to me, and to hear you folks play your hearts out giving these songs new life is something pretty special. Here's a rundown on our first offerings:

pabrizzer - Mostly Water
I can't tell you how happy I am that the first song is one of Bap Kennedy's. TCK knows I have a thing for Bap, so much so that last year I did entire show of his tunes. The show is listed on the companion thread, it's called The Right Stuff. This is just great. I love the run you've got going on in the intro and throughout. Simply an excellent way to kick off the week!

xommen - I’m On Fire
Glad you found this one Wim! It's from an Americana show I did called I Hear Them All. You picked up that bluegrass groove and went for it! I love the strum you're doing here. Great take on this tune.

RAB11 - Teenage Kicks
This sounds great! The bedhead makes it even more punk. You nailed this. I've played this tune many times before but never like this. You even laid down an excellent solo bit. Nice!

Demimondaine - 99 Luftballoons
I'm not surprised this shows up on day one. Such a great song. TCK and I have both played this song on separate radio shows. This is so fun! I can just see you busking this tune. Thanks so much for doing this one!

IamNoMan - Footprints In The Snow
This is just right for you and I am throughly enjoying your take on this classic. TCK played this song on a Bill Monroe show he did not too long ago. Really nice Tommy!

Harry122 - Science Is Real
Haha! I was hoping someone would do this song. Such a fun song, and it's extra fun hearing it done on ukulele. This song kicked off the science show I did a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for bringing this!

guzzler - I Would If I Could
Yay! I'm so glad you found this gem. I had forgotten about this song. TCK and I played a series of shows featuring songs by women, and this is from one of those. I loved your rendition. Suits the uke and your voice very well. Thanks for digging and performing a new to you tune.

Alan DP - Hesitation Blues
Excellent fret work there! I'm gonna have to learn how to do that fancy stuff someday. This is great. You got the feel of that recording from the show as well as a bit of a jazzy feel. Swing it! And thanks for being a fan of the show.

TCK - Hobo’s Lullaby
God I love this song, and you playing it has me on cloud 9. I think I played a different version of this song on my first train show, which was only the second show I ever did. So sweet mate. And I just have to say that I'm pissed that you are paling this in your shorts in the sunshine. It is freezing here and our furnace went out. Is your couch free?

YorkSteve - Just Can’t Get Enough
"a tinkley-plonk synth band" - LOL! I will never be able to think of Depeche Mode in any other way! This rendition is absolutely gorgeous! I never would have imagined this tune in this way. I love picking and your voice couldn't be more perfect. Can't get enough of this!

LucilleJustRocks - Train Whistle Blues
So glad we got some yodeling in here! I love what you're doing there, very bluesy stuff. Wish I could riff like that. I expect we'll hear quite a few train songs this week and this is such a great one. Thanks!
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This is the third time I've recorded this for my YouTube channel, and the second time using it in the Seasons. Each time, it's different. This time I overdubbed some harmonica. I've done this song at the nursing home several times.

Season 274. Submission 1. "One Fine Day" (Written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King, 1963)

From the Show entitled "The Girls Are Out To Get You" - performed by The Chiffons

And once I saw this one on the list, it got stuck in my head BIG TIME. Had to do it to have some peace. :)
Have to say that I've never sung it before, so in that sense it is new to me. Next time I'll aim for a song I haven't heard before, ok? ;)

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From the "I've Been Everywhere" show, here's Bob Seger/Dave Edmunds/whoever. Great test for your breathing skills or lack of them. Didn't stick the landing but this one stays in the practice rotation at home.

This week is going to be SOOO much fun!

I got this mento thing stuck in my head right now, and this is one I played on a show called "I'm Back" on 3/5/2008, which leads me to believe I acquired the tune on 3/4 (back then I just made shows when I felt like it). It is a charming little tune about cooking a cow head and having it come to life. Really. Ten Penny Nail- Hubert Porter and his Jamaican Calypsonians.
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