Season 381 - Doctor Doctor Doctor

I didn't really research this one. I think it's a pop-country song from the 90s, but this kind of topic appeals to me. I listened to it a couple of times and banged it out.

This is really interesting - I wonder if it was inspired by the kids’ song I did earlier in the season: ? :confused:
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Do some pills off the shelf qualify to make a song Doctorish?
For you to decide...
Thanks a lot Emma for the beautiful vocals on the Flying Burrito Brothers' Juanita!
You can also bring me songs by artists with Doctor, Doc or Dr in their stage name. (Caz bring me some Dre).

Ahoy and here is my attempt at 'California Love' by the good doctor Dre (and 2pac)
I have never really liked this song so it was a challenge to both figure it out as well as learn the words (though careful listeners will hear a muddled word or four in my delivery)
Again, more fun to play that I thought.
Ahoy again.
I was also trying out another Dre song but have not managed to get my rapping to sync with what I am playing.
Here is the riff minus the words (for the most part)
As you might be able to tell from the rain on the window, we are away in the van, touring around Devon & Cornwall. Should I do an easy Dr Feelgood song?, Nah.. one by Squeeze with loads of words to write out. Oh yes, verse three, she goes to see a doctor...
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This song has a doctor in the chorus, it should fit the theme!

My closet seems to be missing simple necessities such as a washboard, but two instruments are plenty difficult for me :)


Miss you all. Can’t make the season but will be back soon. Life has become overcomplicated and I had to take a break. On the plus side I did get a poem published in NJ Library collection.

:) ciao

Miss you all. Can’t make the season but will be back soon. Life has become overcomplicated and I had to take a break. On the plus side I did get a poem published in NJ Library collection.

:) ciao

Miss you too. Congratulations on getting your poem published. Add a tune and bring to the seasons when you feel able.
My second this week is a tune played on tenor recorder with accompaniment on tenor ukulele.

Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738) was an Irish Harper and composer. He was the son of a blacksmith and went blind at the age of 18 as the result of an illness. His father's landlord's wife payed for him to be taught to play harp so he could earn a living and he made his living as an itinerant musician playing for the proprietors of the great houses in the West of Ireland. By all accounts, his peers did not rate his playing all that highly but he found he had a flair for composition which compensated for his indifferent playing and he's left behind a body of music that's still played today.

Many of his tunes are dedicated to his patrons and their families and the titles are preceded by "Planxty" which indicates they are in honour of the person named.

The story is told that O'Carolan, feeling poorly, went to a physician and was told to stop drinking, which he did. Not improving, after some little time he went to a Patron's physician, John Stafford, who told O'Carolan the other physician was an idiot and he should at once recommence drinking to his capacity. Apparently they immediately repaired to the good Doctor's rooms where they drank several bottles of excellent whisky and in honour of which occasion O'Carolan wrote this tune.
I'm never sure how to classify the theme of this song: romance? biohazard? artistic joy/frustration? all of the above?
In any case, here is Ben Lee's "Catch my disease" - a collaboration with Mr RAB11 who brought the excellent riffs and harmonies (cheers Ryan!).

Well I'm finally caught up again.

Please keep them coming, I am in for a long night with the baby and could do with the company.
Dear Doctor

One from the Strolling Bones :rofl:

Here’s my Thornton Rule stretch entry.

Not all doctors are medical of course, and this one mentions the less immediately useful in a disaster kind several times. The tune is Pretty Baby, which was a musical number for a stage show originally penned and performed in something like 1914. Later made famous (rejuvenated?) by Dean Martin in the 1950’s.

History removed due to wrist slap. PM me if it's that important...
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Ahoy again
I was playing around with a C#m chord this morning when I realized that it sort of fit the riff to the Cypress Hill song 'Dr. Greenthumb'
Since I mostly knew the words to it I decided to give it a try.
So here is another ukulele hip-hop cover (a little expletive but not profane)
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