Season 381 - Doctor Doctor Doctor

Right Place, Wrong Time

Recorded this straight after 'Dear Doctor' - took this long* to upload :(

*maybe YT's trying to tell me something :rofl:
Well I'm all caught up again. This season has gone to places I wasn't expecting and I've loved how it's evolved and how far people have stretched the theme. Hope we get a few more before Monday although John's theme looks like a doozy.
The incomparable Dr John dies during your DOCTOR DOCTOR DOCTOR week.... YOU KILLED HIM!

just kidding. I was surprised to learn he ws still alive.

Miss you all. Can’t make the season but will be back soon. Life has become overcomplicated and I had to take a break. On the plus side I did get a poem published in NJ Library collection.

:) ciao

YOU are missed, too, Gina!

I’ve enjoyed this week’s theme, and I had a little extra free time to try out a few different songs.
Here is a flashback to the mid 90s - Alanis Morrisette’s ‘Not the Doctor’.
Can't let a season about doctors go by without The Doctor!

Here's my attempt at the Doctor Who theme on UBass & electric ukulele, with extra silly pedal effects (sorry!) and no vocals (you're welcome!). It's in wibbly-wobbly time, since I didn't figure out how to count this until after most of it was recorded. I'm thrilled that I actually finished one by Sunday night.

Right well I am finally caught up with week and what a strong finish it was. Thank you all so much for the videos you've brought, I think this has been the strongest week I've hosted in terms of quality.

I'll do a proper wrap later in the week hopefully
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