Season 385: Popular Abroad

Little Hank Snow got you- surely he was more popular doing hillbilly music in the US than in Nova Scotia
And this. Pyromania went diamond in the US (DIAMOND!), and I have the Union Jack tank top to prove it.
It is super snug now, so I did not wear it.
DEF LEPPARD!!! Ok. That is out of my system now.
Thanks to everyone who has participated! I'm trying to check in and update the playlist a couple times a day, and I hope to catch up on my comments soon. I've really enjoyed the entries so far. Keep 'em coming :)

Had some time today, so I worked up this song by Gillian Welch, who like many other Americana musicians, has a strong following in Europe.

Champion Jack Dupree moved to Europe in 1960, settling first in Switzerland and then
Denmark, England, Sweden and, finally, Germany. During the 1970s and 1980s he lived
at Ovenden in Halifax, England. Dupree's playing was almost all straight blues and boogie-woogie.
He was not a sophisticated musician or singer, but he had a wry and clever way with words: e. g. Big Leg Emma

And this. Pyromania went diamond in the US (DIAMOND!), and I have the Union Jack tank top to prove it.
It is super snug now, so I did not wear it.
DEF LEPPARD!!! Ok. That is out of my system now.

I really enjoyed your take on this. If I didn't already know what the song was before listening I would have been sitting there thinking, "Why do these lyrics sound familiar?" Quite a different take but you made it work. Well done!
The Rolling Stones have achieved popularity worldwide! I'm very happy to be joined by Meredith Harper here on harmony vocals!

collab with del - a homemade song, for the independence day sub theme - it's just turned the 4th of july a few minutes ago here in the UK!

"independence day"

Born in Barcelona, he spent his life in London, Moscow and predominantly in Paris, where he died and is buried.
Classical guitar composer Fernando Sor may have been also known in his home country, but it seems he was more
Popular Abroad
I'm taking a leaf out of the host's book, another Stones ballad. I was mindful to keep my knee out of shot after watching Val's entry :)
Last one from me Kevin, thanks for hosting.
New Ukulele Day! I was given this fabulous Ukulele Banjo (Concert Size) as a retirement present from my colleagues at the University where I have been working for twenty years.

It is a gorgeous instrument. Considering it is a Thomann own brand (Harley Benton) the quality of the craftsmanship is excellent. And it sounds great picked or strummed.

My contribution this week, played on my new toy, (with backing by "Band in a Box" tells the story of a talented young African musician who chooses to take the illegal route to Europe in search of success and faces perils along the way.

He hopes to be:

Stuff and Nonsense - Split Enz

I didn't really have time to record this but it's such an awesome song that I stayed up past my bedtime. I hope you enjoy this gem from the mighty Split Enz.

Stumblin' In

Suzi Quatro (born Detroit, 1950) is mainly only known in the US from her role in Happy Days as Fonzi's girlfriend, Leather Tuscadero. Legend has it, she got the role because the producer's teenage daughter had on her bedroom wall a poster of Suzi in her famous leather jumpsuit, and he thought "I need that girl in my show!"

In the UK, and Australia, Suzi Quatro is of course known for a string of rocking top 10 hits, beginning with "Can the can" in 1973. When new wave/punk hit the scene, you might have thought she'd found her natural home, but her management team had instead her team up with fellow Chinnichap traveller, Chris Norman of 'Smokie', for this number, which actually reached #4 in the Billboard charts in 1979, her only US chart success. It's a lovely number, but signalled the notorious 'change of direction' (which only really works if your name is David Bowie). The inevitable 'Greatest Hits' album appeared in 1980, and that pretty much was that for her career as a rockstar, though a TV career, with appearances in 'Minder', 'Dempsey & Makepeace' etc., were to follow.

Anyhow, she's still rocking like a good'un at the Bassment, Chelmsford. Last time I saw her (2015!), she was guesting with Cherrie Currie (Runaways) at the Underworld, Camden :)

I'd have loved to have done this as a duet, but time, again and alas, was against me.

p.s.. it's taken over an hour to submit this post. I kept getting ***forbidden. Dangerous network*** error messages. In the end, I had to log out of my own broadband and into a local BT-Wifi hotspot to get here. :(
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Joe Dassin was born in New York and lived there and in Los Angeles until 1950, when his father, the American film director, Jules Dassin, fell victim to the Hollywood Blacklist. Exiled to Europe, he continued his education there, returning to the States to attend the University of Michigan. On his graduation, he worked as a technician for his father back in France and as an actor in several of his films. In 1964, he was signed by CBS records ... the first French singer to be signed to an American record label. By the early 1970s, his songs were at the top of the charts in France and he became immensely popular there. "Salut les Amoureux" (originally "City of New Orleans"), was one of his greatest hits. Whilst the original version was a nostalgic look at a vanishing way of life as glimpsed on a railroad journey, the French version was an ode to a vanishing love affair, as the couple concerned come to terms with the reality of their dysfunctional relationship, entered into carelessly, which love alone is not enough to sustain. Joe Dassin died tragically young at the age of 41 of a heart attack whilst on holiday in Tahiti.

Joe Jackson (British) had considerable success in the US in the early 80s with his album, Night and Day, but this is an earlier one from Joe, from his debut album Look Sharp! He was a great songwriter, presumable still is, not heard anything from Joe in a while. He has a wry outlook that appeals to me.

First time I've done it like this so we'll see if it works. Mr Big were apparently really huge in Japan, but not in their home country of the U.S. From the cafeteria at Twin Oaks camp in Buda, Texas.
the thread consensus seems to be that david hasselhoff's back catalogue is not a rich mine in which to dig up gems. i hadn't heard any of his music before this week - all i knew about him was he likes leather jackets, and he works as a lifeguard :rolleyes:

however, i checked out some of his songs, and quickly found one i like. either he's not really so bad, or my musical taste really is as atrocious as people tell me it is :eek:

"hold on my love" - the hoff

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